Shadow stormtrooper

black_hole_stormtrooper.zip —


Shadowtrooper from Jedi Outcast, only to realize that this is a Shadow Stormtrooper, and they are different. There is also a Clone Shadow Trooper, but I just wanted to put that link there since I had mentioned 3 earlier.After reading up on Shadow Stormtroopers I have to say that this is very nice model. The pictures from the map editor don't give it much justice, but in-game they look great. I coded mine to have cloak ability like Tyber Zann and made them a bit more powerful than standard Stormies. Of course none of that is required, but some coding is required.

this is a model for the shadow stormtroopers (sometimes called blackhole stormtroopers) im not sure if this has been done before but i just thought id upload it. the texture is not the best you will see, but i will make a version with better textures.additional codding required to get in game.You can use this in any mod of yours, but please give me credit.thanks to warp_null and the far_seer for recomending the hex editor.



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