Sith Aurora Bomber



us a great model for such a bomber. I felt the Kotor Sith' style was more skeleton like, more minimum than displayed in TOR, and so I decided to create my own Sith Bomber craft inspired by the iconic German Me-109Z and the He-111Z "Zwilling" designs. It looks like the normal Sith Fighter but I did actually made the entire model myself, I felt like a cheap F*** just porting it over and moddifying Warbs model. I did however use his texture as else the 2 ships would look to different from eachother. I have moddified the texture a bit in photoshop to make the bomber look more "realistic" to a space environment.I also added a shadow mesh, a bump map (which the original Sith Fighter lacked) and I have moddified the collision mesh to actually fit the fighter's shape. Normally a fighter (any model really) can be hit 2 meters from the actual fighters mesh, but I moddified the normal collision box to fit the fighter itself. Only takes up 50 polys, but it works much more realistic ingame.Credits:Model: GeroenimoTexture: Warb_Null, moddified by GeroenimoXML:GeroenimoIcon: GeroenimoFeel free to use this as you please, but do give credit to the modders who put their time, sweat and blood into this content. I reserve the rights to this model, including the right to retract permission for usage as I see fit.though you'd have to piss me of a lot to make me deny access to this model to you. ;)mod on!-Geroenimo


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