Space Lanes v1.2



on it and 3 pirate asteroid bases. the pirates control a heavy line of defense that stretches along the center of the map. The pirates have 2 E3 Star Destroyers (Huge destroyers with extremely heavy weaponry and tough-to-beat shields) that are surrounded by asteroids, pirate fighters, and anti-fighter corvettes. If you play as the Republic, you start out with 1 space station (as always...), 2 frigates docked inside the space station's hangars, 2 Acclamator frigates, 1 Carrack cruiser, and a Hutt asteroid space station with hidden surprises on top and inside.... If you play as the CIS, you have 1 space station, 3 Droid Carriers (2 are attacking the Republic Hutt Space Station, 1 Munificent Frigate, and 1 Recusant Battleship. Eliminate all pirates and enemy forces to claim victory! ( Feel free to edit the map in the FOC map editor, just let me know if you plan to incorporate it into a Mod that you might release for public use! )


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