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The "Special Popcap Mod" will allow you to carry out larger ground and space battles, instead of simply altering the Population Capacity thi...


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The "Special Popcap Mod" will allow you to carry out larger ground and space battles, instead of simply altering the Population Capacity this file doubles the number of units per ground company. An example given by the author is that previously a Stormtrooper company had two squads and registered as one in Population, now however a Stormtrooper company has four squads and still only takes up one Population spot.

Other changes are;

  • The Space Population Capacity is now 40 for Rebels and 35 for the Empire.
  • Transport Units have been re-scaled.
  • Some units now have different transport vehicles.

Note that this download will overwrite existing files, make sure you create backups before use.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'special_popcap_mod.zip.rar' (22KB)

-------SPECIAL POPCAP MOD V1------- made by "ILoVecOrelliaNcoRrvetTes"

Description: You may be asking yourself why I decide to call it "special".
Soon you will know...What this mod does? As you know, you can't change the
ground popcap in GC because it would alterate the attack-defence balance,
so I ask myself, How can I make ground battles more massive in GC without
disbalancing all the other stuff? It was simple, I DOUBLED THE # OF VEHICLES
AND TROOPS PER COMPANY.For example: a company of stormtroopers has
2 squads and ocupies 1 popcap. And with this mod a company of
Now you understand why I call it special? 
Now you can have more massive ground battles without disbalancing the game.
This mod also changes the space popcap: 40 for rebels and 35 to empire
I also changed the skirmish ground popcap to 10. I didn't changed it
too much because the mod also applies in ground skirmish, but they are still
more massive.

Instalation: Just put the XML folder in your Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data

Full list of changes:
-Doubled the number of troops and vehicles per company
-Changed space population cap to 40 for rebels and 35 for empire
-Changed the scale of tranport units
-Changed transport ship for some units: AT-ST/AT-AA/SPMA-T are now dropped by AT-AT Barge

Things I want for V2: Since now whit this mod the units take more time to go out of the transports,
I will like to add transport's support fire ( like in "ACE Custom Addons Mod" ) so the transports
defend the troops while they are dropped, or just decrease the drop time of the ships.

For any thing you want to ask or advice me just e-mail me: mora_rayitas@hotmail.com
( you can use this idea in other mods, just add me in the credits)

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