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This Mod Basically Just Improves LOW's SSD, By Adding A Description, Icon And So Forth...


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This Mod Basically Just Improves LOW's SSD, By Adding A Description, Icon And So Forth...

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-------------------Super Star Destroyer Improved Mod V2---------------

This Mod Basically Just Improves LOW's SSD, By Adding A Description, Icon And So Forth... 

- Official 1.04 Patch.

Developer: JZ-515

To Install
- First Off, Delete V1 And V1.1 Of This Mod.
- Install This, Easy As That.

This Version Includes All Bug Fixes And Improvements From V1 And V1.1!
It Now Includes The Legacy Of War's Super Star Destroyer.

Copy the SSD_Improved_V2 folder to:
C:/Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Empire at War/Gamedata/Mods Folder.

To Play:

Run My Shortcut That I Have Created.
Or Add This Extension To Your Shortcut:  MODPATH=Mods\SSD_Improved_V2
eg. C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\sweaw.exe" MODPATH=Mods\SSD_Improved_V2


Changes To The SSD V2:

- The Readme Has Had Abit Of A Makeover :)
- Legacy Of War's Readme From Their SSD Mod Is Included In This Readme.
- This Mod Nows Goes In The Mod Folder, So You Dont Have To Overwrite Your Files.
- The Legacy Of War's Super Star Destroyer Is Now Included. -I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL!!!-
- SSD Now Costs $15,000.
- SSD Now Has A Massive Fleet Icon.
- SSD Description Has Been Changed.
- SSD Name Vengeance Has Now Been Replaced With Aggressor.
- Fixed A Text Bug That Happened In V1.1.
- SSD Population Raised From 8 To 12.
- The Tractor Beam Now Has More Range, This Is Because Of The Depth.
- The Proton Beam Has Now Has More Range, This Is Because Of The Depth.
- The Venator Has Been Added (The People Wanted It Included!)
- SSD Now Has What Planets You Can Build It On In The Descriptions.
- The SSD Now Only Has One Shield Generator, This Is Because If One Shield Generator Was Destroyed Your Shields Would Be Destroyed, So Why Have Two When Only One Works?
- Imperial And Rebel Level 5 Spacestations Now Garrison The Venator, And All Descriptions Are Updated For This.
- All Maps In GC Are Now Bigger, Now You Can Fit In The SSD No-Worries!!! (The Bigger Maps Wont Work In Skirmish!)

Changes To The SSD V1.1:

- Fixed A Mt_commandbar.tga Bug.
- Added SSD Fleet Icon Now Takes Up 2 Spaces, Just Like The SD.
- SSD Now Has Unlimited Fighters And Bombers.
- SSD can Now Be Built On These Planets: Kuat, Fondor, Sullust Or Coruscant.
- Added Slightly More Depth, So Now The SSD Wont Go Through The Rebels Spacestation Shield Generator.
- SSD Name Lusankya Now Replaced With Vengeance.

Changes To The SSD V1:

- Added Icon.
- Added A Description.
- Edited Tech Level 5 Description, So It Now Says You Can Build The Death Star And The Super Star Destroyer.
- Added Construction Countdown Timer.
- Max Speed And Rate Of Turn Decreased.
- Added A Different Radar Icon.
- Attack Priority Changed To Capital Ships.
- Tractor Beam And Proton Beam Now Have A Slightly Longer Range.
- SSD Is Now Scale 2.
- SSD now costs $12,000
- The SSD Now Has More Depth, Meaning It Will No Longer Go Through Objects, Such As Space Stations And Other SpaceCraft.
- You Can Now Build 4 Super Star Destroyers.
- Each SSD Now Has It's Own Name.
      Such As:
      Iron Fist
      Razor's Kiss
- No More Intro Movies :)
- Cap In Space Increased To 50 For Imperials And Rebels.



- Gameconstants.xml
- HardPoints.xml
- SpaceUnitsCapital.xml
- Squadrons.xml
- Starbases.xml

- Mt_commandbar.mtd
- Mt_commandbar.tga

To Change Certain Things Ingame:

- Space Cap:
If You Wish To Change The Space Cap Then Open Up FACTIONS.XML And Go To Line 35 For Rebels And Change It To Whatever You Wish. For Imperials Go To Line 716 And Change It To Whatever You Want.

- Depth:
Open Up SpaceUnitsCapital.xml,Find The Line <Layer_Z_Adjust>-1100</Layer_Z_Adjust> And Change It To Whatever You want.

- Description:
To Change The Description Grab A Dat Editor (Just Look On Google), Open Up MasterTextFile_ENGLISH.DAT, And Find The Line TEXT_TOOLTIP_SSD, Then Edit This And Change It To Whatever Description You Want. 


- The Legacy Of War Team, For There Awesome Super Star Destroyer Mod!
Check It Out:

- Dfeeds, For Helping Me With A Few Things In The Mod.

- Avenger, Also For Helping Me With A Few Things In The Mod, Letting Me Use Some Of His Features From His Mod And Allowing Me To Add The Venator From His Mod.
Check It Out:;62402

Check Out His Super Star Destroyer v1.0 for LoW SSD MOD V1 Mod:;63326

Check It Out:;64425

- Deathcaster For Some Suggestions Which Were Included In V1.1 And V2.

- Various People On The FileFront Gaming Forums Who Helped Me With Problems Etc.

Thx Guys!

Mod By JZ-515 aka MiNtIeS.

Email Me With Any Bugs or Suggestions: king-wog (at) netspace (dot) net (dot) au

Legal Stuff:

If You Wish To Use This Mod As Part Of Your Mod, I Ask That You Please Notify Me First And Give Proper Credit To Me And To Those In The Credit Section.

As For  Halo_Addiction, If You Dont Like The Mod. DONT DOWNLOAD IT AND DONT BITCH!

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