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Ok so... this is my first map I have ever made so it might not be that good. This is a sequal to D-day I tried to make the rebel island look...


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Ok so... this is my first map I have ever made so it might not be that good. This is a sequal to D-day I tried to make the rebel island look like a battle ship at first but there was a glitch in the terrain and it kinda screwed so I had to make it a island. Empire do not and i mean do not even try to attack the rebel island! Find out for yourself! You will get sloterd! If you do destroy it (with out the SPMA-T's) you'er a total pro. Sorry that it gets lagy when you send the rebels up on the beach Well i dont know of anything els to say jsut enjoy! Tell me what you think in the comments!

PS. sorry there is no screen shots I dont know how to take them :( And lets just say i'm a little yung for this kind of stuff.


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1: story
2: instal
3: credits

1: when the empire learned that the bothans were aiding the rebels the emporer went to
   their home planet and wiped out thousands they were no longer allies with each other
   the empire built one base on bothawui the bothans couldn't just let the empire invade
   their planet so they gatherd an army and set off to the empires base their only 
   opening to it was straight in on the defensece up on a beach the beaches only 
   cover was a few crates to keep ships from landing on the beach three SPMA-T walker
   artilery was covering the beach and anti infantry turrets pening them down when the
   bothans made to the beach they didn't last 1 hour they were all dead the bothan leader
   contacted their new allies the rebels and asked them for renforcements the rebels landed
   on a island near the empire base full of rebel soldiers to land on the beach the bothan leader didn't
   land on the beach so he had no idea what was left after his men landed he told the rebels
   anything could be on that beach when the rebels landed they saw the bothans did no damage
   at all everything was still standing but they pushed through and made it in to the base
   and destroyed everythng the empire was off bothawui and the bothans were safe but the
   rebels lost 500 men on the beach that they will never get back the bothans lost 200
   men total that beach killed 700 men the bothans joined the rebels to fight against the empire.

2: to install put the star wars D-day.ted file in your custom maps folder wich is located in 
   localdisk/program files/lucasarts/star wars empire at war/gamedata/data/CustomMaps if you
   dont have a custom maps folder just put the custom maps folder in the EAWD-day/gamedata/data
   and you will see it when you have the file in the custom maps and the custom maps in the data
   folder start the game go to skirmish go to land and hot custom maps enjoy!

3: this is my first map I have made so if you HATE it dont comment this map sucks! if your wondering
why there are so many hills and bumps is because lets just say I had some trouble with the height tools.

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