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This mod mainly replaces Red Squadron with Rogue Squadron and fixes some bugs in dfeeds' [url="


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This mod mainly replaces Red Squadron with Rogue Squadron and fixes some bugs in dfeeds' Improved Venator mod; The most known bug is the bug where all the stormtroopers had the blue stripes, well it's now fixed and only the 501st and vaders fist have the blue stripes.

dfeed rushed to get this mod released because he's been very busy, so it might be a bit buggy due to the lack of time to fully beta test it...if you find any problems, it would be a big help to the developer if you could list them here.

Some features this mod will add: B-Wing Adds SSD Tie Interceptor

Some changes this mod will add: Shield health Tactical Health

See the readme for more information and a complete list of additions and changes.

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Download '' (38.44MB)

Star Wars Improved v1 for Star Wars Empire At War
By Dfeeds 

Installation: paste the XML folder in your gamedata/data game directory
To install the .DAT file simply paste it in your gamedata/data/text directory
To install the new music simply paste the music file in your gamedata/data/audio directory
To install the new skin and the new icons paste the Textures folder in your gamedata\data\art directory (if an art folder doesn't exist however, create one in the gamedata/data directory)


What this mod does:
Adds B-wing
Adds Tie Interceptor
Adds SSD
Adds Errant Venture (red star destroyer used by Booster Terrik)
Changes scale of units
Changes shield strength and tactical health of most units
Includes my Improved Venator mod v2 with some major bugs fixed
Adds Rogue Squadron
Adds Wingless Mon Calamari Cruiser
Adds the Frigate Redemption (frigate used with rogue squadron)

tested in galactic conquest mod, single player rebel and empire (not all the way through), and skirmish, DID NOT TEST ONLINE

simply delete all the files that you added

Credits: i used Slocket's Venator_Full_2 mod to enable the Venator 
Thanks to the members of the filefront gaming forum for helping me out with some problems
Thanks to Yami for the proton beam
Thanks to Jango for the edited version of revenge of the sith and testing
Thanks to fleshknight 666 for the new hardpoint data
Thanks to Bailknight for allowing me to use his files

contact info: email me at dfeeds AT comcast DOT net for any comments and questions

Legal Stuff:

You must ask my permission before use of this mod and also add me in the credits.

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