This Mod From the Stargate Team adds Units, Heroes and Planets from the Stargate Universe and Drops them into the Empire at War Game.



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This Mod From the Stargate Team adds Units, Heroes and Planets from the Stargate Universe and Drops them into the Empire at War Game.

Play as the Tauri Alliance or the Goa'uld as they battle out for control of the Milkey Way Galaxy.

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Download 'stargate_final_07.exe' (271.28MB)

If you read this,you have downloaded the Final 0.7 of the Stargate Mod for Empire
at war. Have fun with it!

Execute the installer,it's in german,but it should not be a problem to find your
way through it! Simply choose your Empire at War\Gamedata directory,when you are
asked to choose the installation directory. That's it!

To start the Beta,execute the playrommel2kstargatemod.bat lokated in the gamedata
-directory or the desktop icon!

The nations use following ships:

Ta'uri alliance: 

X-301 -> fighter
F-302 -> fighter
Puddlejumper -> bomber
X-303 -> corvette
captured Ha'tak -> corvette
Asgard battleship Belisknerclass -> assault frigate
Asgard researchship -> frigate
Asgard battleship O'Neillclass -> battleship
BC-304 -> cruiser
ISS -> replaces old rebell base

Heroes: Steven Caldwell -> battleship Daedalus
Col Pendergast -> improved X-303
Selmak of the Tokra -> alkesh
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell -> improved F-302 starfighter

Goa'Uld alliance: deathglider -> fighter
alkeshbomber -> bomber
needleglider -> scoutship
alkesh attackcorvette -> corvette
standart Ha'tak -> corvette
Apophis' Ha'tak -> frigate
Goa'Uld battlecruiser -> battleship
Goa'Uld starbase -> replaces old imperial base

Heroes: Prime of Anubis -> superbattlecruiser with superweapon
Anubis -> replaces imperator(not yet Ground ingame,modell still missing)
Ashrak -> replaces Boba Fett((not yet Ground ingame,modell still missing)
Baal -> replaces Darth Vader(not yet Ground ingame,modell still missing)
Yu -> replaces Grand Morph Tarkin

MerchantSpacedock is replaced by the Supergate
Ta'uri players can build the ancientscruiser Aurora
Goa'uld players can build an Oriwarship

Pirates are replaced by the Wraith(not completed so far!)

The Mod in this status is developed for Skirmish battles,so don't be to angry
about bugs in Galactic COnquest or the campaigns(it should not be played now!)

You have problems with the Mod? Visit our homepage and read
the FAQ!
You have found bugs or proposals? Visit our homepage and write
into the forums!

New in Final 0.7 for EAW (Normal)

-better graphics
-a lot of bugfixes
-adjustment of the ship sizes
-4 new,selfmade shaders to have a better look
-new maps
-Colonel Pendergast with the Prometheus
-Selmak of the Tokra with captured Alkesh
-new sounds for Mitchell
-Baal with Anubisglider
-Ashrak with needleglider(gateglider)
-first-class supergate
-deathmodels to some ships
-almost all ground units and buildings for the Ta'uri
-new Menüs for Loading and Planet information
-Musik and Sounds for Ambiente

Important: the supergate is only fully presentable with a NVidia card and Pixel-
shader 3.0. Unforunately ATI cards have a problem to translate the .shader

Ground units and buildings for the factions:


-SG Teams(4 soldiers with MP5 and special ability "coverage")
-SG Snipers(2 soldiers with SR-25)
-SG Support(1 Medic,1 soldier with M249,2 soldiers with M136 rocket launchers)
-Major Davis(Fieldcommander)not yet ingame ,garded by 4 soldiers with M16
-UAV as scout drone(not yet ingame!)
-MALP with cal 50 as light vehicel(not yet ingame!)
-F302 groundfighter
-Goauld Jaffas and Snake Guards.
-Death Glider and Alkesh Bomber for Grounds.

-hangar to build F302 and to call in bombardement
-researchcenter to buy different equipment
-different Railguns to defend your base

The Stargate Modding group is

Rommel2k = Lead Designer/Manager/Shader Coder
LordKane(Lord Sokar) = Lead video designer/2nd Leader
Zeus = Video designer

Franzmann = Mapper
Klon = Mapper
MerlinGalgotta = Community Admin/english support/modeler
Anubis = Community Assistent
munkyfish = English Sounddesigner
Larkis = Skinner
Avalon = Model Designer
Kronos = Deutsch-Englisch Übersetzer

Daniel Jackson = Sound Designer/cyclopedia
Frankie(from Spaceaddon) = assistance modeler(e.g. optimization of the Railguns)

Special thanks and credits
-SMG Steiner Modding Group for helping us with the XML-Code
-Frankie for helping us coding the FSmeshglow Shader
-the Beta tester
-Dave 975 and DKealt for the fantastic models and textures

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