Super Ground Units

Super Ground Units is similar in most respects to the Super Ships mod....


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Super Ground Units is similar in most respects to the Super Ships mod. Nearly all ground units have a blistering rate of fire. To help compensate, your infantry have small personal shields and fire slower than vehicles but are still much faster than normal. There are also more infantry units per company, one T4B-Tank less, and an extra unit or two for your lighter vehicle companies. A recommendation is that you also download Super Ships 1.1 because both of these mods use the same Hardpoints XML, so your space ships will fire fast too, but the game is unbalanced without the other included XML files.

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	To install this mod, simply extract all files to your XML folder in Gamedata/Data. To uninstall, simply remove the Hardpoints, Space Units-Capitals,-Corvettes,-Frigates, and -Fighters XML files from your XML folder. You have my permission to use this mod in any other mod and to edit it as you please; just give me credit. Enjoy!

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