Super Missiles Mod

This is my first mod I've submitted to this site. It's a fairly simple mod, which adds six new missile types to the game. These missiles hav...


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This is my first mod I've submitted to this site. It's a fairly simple mod, which adds six new missile types to the game. These missiles have some very cool effects you may recognise. The readme will explain it all in detail.

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Download 'modded_xmls.rar' (40KB)

README- It aren't that hard

Super Missiles Mod

Alright... My very first mod for FOC... I've never 
been good at making mods much more complex than this, so
don't expect any more from me... I might make a few more
simple mods, but I dunno if I will.

Well, credit goes to Z3r0x's 3.5 mod, since I'm using 
XMLs from his mod. So consider this a small extention
onto his mod. (Yes, I did the mod with the 3.5 patch
also installed, so don't worry.) 
And also Soulcealer, for the Harmonic Missile mod, 
which I used as the basis code for the Super Missiles.
Also, to T3h_R0xx0rz, for helping me figure out how to
make the mod work, on the EverythingEAW forums.

Okay, now onto the info...

It's pretty simple what you do. You just go to your mod
folder, and find the z3r0x mod. I doubt this will work
without the 3.5 mod previously installed.
Just go to data in the z3r0x folder, and then xml.
Just drop in these four XMLs, (save the old ones 
first!) overwriting the old ones, and you good to go.
This will modify the Standard Calamari Cruiser a bit...
It will amke the cruiser pretty much uber, just so that
you can play around with it and test out the new missile
types. If you want to go further, you'll have to edit
the missiles/hardpoint files yourself if you want
to change how powerful the missiles are, and what ship's
hardpoints they're on.

Don't try to fight the rebels once this mod is
installed. They will pwn you with a neverending fleet of
calamari cruisers. Just have fun with it, and don't
flame/tell me my mod is horrible because of the 'uber'
factor. I made the calamri cruiser uber, and 1 sec &
one credit, with all it's hardpoints armed with a 
different type of missile, so that you can test out 
the missiles for yourself, not particularly intended 
to be an 'uber' mod.

have fun, and I hope you enjoy the awesome special 
missiles effects. The pics from the map editor simply
demonstrate the six different effects. I have tested 
them all in skirmish mode. If you have a slow 
computer, just a warning, it might lag a little bit.

By the way, just so you know, if you build an armada of
calamari cruisers, and take them all against an armada
of say, star destroyers, you're going to win really
quickly. Also, since the Calamari cruisers are reduced
in size, and now occupy the fighter layer, and are
classified as fighters, they will 'act' like fighters.
That means, if you select all of them at the same time,
and send them to one spot, they will all overlap each

Now onto the technical stuff, if you want to go further
with this but don't know how.
I suggest you have the FOC map editor to test all the
different weapons available. In XML editing, suggest
Notepad++, it's very simple and easy to use once you
get the hang of it.

The missiles are:

Harmonic_Bomb_Explosion_Slave_I (The big blue
explosion) - referred to as Quantum_Harmonic_Hyper_Missile.

p_kraytdestroyer_detonate (The big red explosion)
- referred to as Quantum_Hyper_Racentis_Missile

Friggin_Huge_Explosion_Space_Empire (The big cyan-blue explosion)
- referred to as Quantum_Hyper_Nivonic_Missile

Corrupt_Systems_Flare_Effect (The big green energy flux)
- referred to as Quantum_Hyper_Kasvarian_Missile

Self_Destruct_Effect (The small red-colored shockwave)
- referred to as Quantum_Hyper_Vielion_Missile

Sensor_Jamming_Effect (The continuous 'shockwave' effect from the sensor jamming ability)
- referred to as Quantum_Hyper_Flux_Missile

Alright, the important stuff: To edit an effect, 
you have to go to the particles.xml.

These two lines are important:

<Particle_Lifetime_Frames></Particle_Lifetime Frames>

Make sure that it says this, and if not change it to have &apos;Yes&apos;:


And to change how long it lasts, use the second code line
I mentioned.
I suggest it at least be
<Particle_Lifetime_Frames>30</Particle_Lifetime Frames>

but you can change it to as high as you want. The more
frames it has, the longer it will last.

If you want more help, google &apos;EverythingEAW&apos;, you will
find a nice community of modders, including z3r0x 
himself. (Pay attention to the rules there though)

Alright... Well, if nothing else, just enjoy messing 
around with the new missiles.

You can use this mod in your mods if you want, but
all probably have to be compatible with the z3r0x 
3.5 mod.

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