Surrounded Ep.3

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is how the creator describes this file.

In other words, Surrounded Ep3 is a map for Empire at War (not intended for Forces of Corruption) by gavin456b.

This map could use some work. We've got buildings placed around shield generators in the corners, some reinforcement points, and some spawn houses on what is nearly a completely flat map with one texture. There is no skydome. There are some shallow rivers placed around the bases. There also seems to have been no effort put into this map whatsoever. The creator would do well to listen to some of the tips that people give him, because this map isn't much of an improvement over his previous maps.

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Download 'surronded_ep.3.ted' (1.83MB)

hey this is the new version of surrounded people and file front sorry about the other desception of surrounded i was just a litte mad but you can comment on this oh and theres water

to install this map just exstract all files to:
program files/lucas arts/star wars empire at war/game data/data/custom maps
thats it!

if you want to edit this map go ahead just give me credit k

enjoy :)

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