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Surrounded Episode 1 is a ground skirmish map for standard Empire at War (not meant for Forces of Corruption) by gavin456b. Whenever I lo...


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Surrounded Episode 1 is a ground skirmish map for standard Empire at War (not meant for Forces of Corruption) by gavin456b.

Whenever I look at a map, I look for aesthetic quality and gameplay opportunity. I'm sad to say that this map is severely lacking in both aspects. A first glance at the map will tell you how little effort went into making this. There is a single texture applied across the map. There is no height variation or water on the map. There is no skydome or edited cloud effects. There is no fog. As far as I can tell, this is what you get after you click new map and load up the temperate texture set.

Moving onto gameplay, the map consists of a totally flat terrain with shield generators in five locations. The Rebel base consists of base buildings clustered around three small shield generators while the Imperial base is one large shield generator and a small base shield. I can't speak for everybody, but this makes for some very dull gameplay. Once base shields are upgraded, all you can do is just charge straight into the base clusters, which conveniently have turbolaser towers. With EaW's pop cap, it's doubtful that you'd ever spam enough troops to take down the turbolaser clusters in the Imperial base.

The creator of this map needs to take a look at the mapping tutorials and needs to study Petroglyph maps in order to ascertain the factors of a visually appealing and fun to play map.

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this map is called surrounded because the imprials have bases surrounding the one large rebel base in the middle.

to install this map exstract this file to:
if you dont have a custom maps file make one called custom maps

feel free to edit this map but give me credit for the map.

if you have any questions contact me at  

Enjoy :)

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