Taris- Aftermath of Decimation

Taris- Aftermath of Decimation is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption by CGIndustries. The map takes place after Taris was bom...


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File Description

Taris- Aftermath of Decimation is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption by CGIndustries.

The map takes place after Taris was bombarded by Admiral Saul and the Leviathan in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. However, the map doesn't reflect that fact visually. Rather than having a scorched wasteland with rubble, this map is just a desert. Not any desert either. This desert has a small oasis to the northwest and several Sarlacc pits that glow green to the southeast. Call me a stickler for tradition and canon, but this map doesn't really fit Star Wars or sensibility. The creator would be better off adding black scorchmarks and some destroyed buildings and rubble. Right now, it's a relatively flat desert with little texture variation and the default clouds. Flat maps usually aren't very fun, so the creator might want to edit that part of the map.

Moving on, the map has the base structures grouped around shield generators in several areas. Turbolaser towers are in virtually every single shield bubble, making it hard to accomplish anything once the shields have been upgraded. There is only one reinforcement point per side, making expansion useless since the mines are all close to home.

The premise of the map shows some promise, but the execution needs improvement. With enough edits, this map could actually turn out to be a very aesthetically pleasing one that offers great gameplay.

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1.The Map
1.The Map

	This map's timeline is after the bombing of Taris which happened in KotoR [1].
	There are plenty of extras including catpurable turbolasers, mining facilities, outpost pads, etc.
	I don't own any part of the LucasArts/Bioware companies. I don't own any part of the game and etc.
3. Installation
	Press 'Start' in the lower-left hand side of your computer screen. Then press 'My Computer'. After that, double click your 'C: drive', your file called 'Program Files', and your file 'Lucasarts', and finally your file 'Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption'. Then double-click 'Data' and go into the file 'CustomMaps'. Place the Map file [the one that's not this one] inside this file. 

Done; go play the map!

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