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Well. Here is a 4 map pack that has maps from Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy. There is The Second Myrkr Escape (Space) New Cov Escape (L...


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Well. Here is a 4 map pack that has maps from Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy. There is The Second Myrkr Escape (Space) New Cov Escape (Land) Mount Tantiss Assault (Land) Bilbringi Raid (Space)

I spent about 3 months working on these, so there should be few problems. Read the readme for more details.

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  Version 1.01 

Well, here is my next contribution to the map archives. It took me a few months to fine-tune these, so it took a while longer to complete. 
Basically, these are battles based on the Thrawn trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command)
and are my interpretations. There is only 4 maps, 2 land, 2 space, because I need a dreadnaught model to do
some of the other battles right. But here are the ones I have: 

The Second Myrkr Escape: 
Talon Karrde has evacuated his Myrkr base, and is trying to hide from Thrawn's star destroyer. either cripple Thrawn or crush Karrde. (He is in an Interceptor IV)
This is a strategy map. Wait or attack?

New Cov Escape: 
Han and Luke attempt to reach their ships on the New Cov docks, which is crawling with stormies. All special abilities need to be employed to win. 
Don't get too close to the edge, and those fuel tanks look like they could be handy...

Mount Tantiss Assault: 
Lead a commando raid on Mount Tantiss, assissted by Talon Karrde and his two vornskrs, Sturm and Drang.
Luke and Mara will eliminate Joruus C'Baoth (Dark Adept) and Luuke (two 'u's) Skywalker. Destroy the cloning barracks and cloned stormies. 

Bilbringi Raid: 
The New Republic fleet, led by Admiral Ackbar, has been pulled out of hyperspace early by Thrawn's Interdictors, and surrounded by a fleet of star destroyers.
Elements of friendly smugglers have infiltrated the Imperial yards to grab a CGT array, and have managed to rewire the defense turrets. Their cover blown, 
they need to fight it out until the fleet can punch through...

Since there isn't a Corellian Action freighter for Karrde, I used an Interceptor IV.

Karrde is the Rebel field commander on Wayland. 

On Wayland, there is a small strip of clear passability running up the mountain. that was necessary to allow Luke and Mara to land on the ground below and other forces to land on the mountain.

NO copying and reposting, modding and reposting, or otherwise manipulating and claiming as your own or claiming as your own. Thank you.

Timothy Zahn
And George

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