The Discovery



The Discovery is RPsidious71549's FileFront debut. His own description offers a good summary of the map:

In this map the Empire discovers an unknown planet in the far reaches of the galaxy, but close behind them lies the Rebellion. After the Empire lands on the planet and they set up a base, Darth Vader realizes they have been followed and they bring the Rebels down with their tractor beam. After months of searching the Empire discovers an old, abandoned Republic base which the Rebellion takes over and repairs. In a desperate struggle for control of the Unknown planet the Empire battles the Rebellion for rewards of which neither of them realizes.

There's a large Imperial base located in the top left corner and a medium-sized Rebel base located in the bottom right corner. There's one Skirmish Outpost pad, four mineral processor pads, lots of turbo laser towers and turret built pads. There's even a Sith Temple located in an extremely dangerous area.

Overall this map needs some work to it however there is potential. The author needs to use more textures and to make sure that the textures aren't in the wrong areas (ie. cement on cliffs). It would also be nice to see some use of the height tool. However the author did do a good job on blending cliff props together and making an appropriate Sith Temple. There also is a thin layer of water covering the entire map to mimic a consequence of the rains.

Overall this map would be fun to play against an AI. There are places to explore to offer some unique tactical advantages. Against a real player however this would make a short game since the bases are fairly close together and do not have any natural barriers to separate them. If this piques your interest then give this map a download.



Go here for more mods/maps : http://hosted.filefront.com/RPsidious71549
A map for Forces of Corruption

1.)Put the_discovery.ted into your custom maps folder (if you don't have one make one).
2.)Open the game and your ready!

 There's a large Imperial base located on the top left corner, and a medium sized Rebel base located on the bottom right corner. There's one Skirmish outpost pad,4 mineral processor pads, lots of turbo laser towers and turret built pad. There's even a Sith temple (wait i wasn't supposed to tell you that) located in a very dangerous area. 

Enjoy my map i put a lot of work into it.

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