The End of Earth



The End of Earth is a space skirmish map created by RPsidious71549. The author fantastically summarizes up the story behind this map in this paragraph:

This map takes place above our beloved planet Earth. The Empire heard of a neutral planet named Earth, so they went to Earth and conquered it. The Rebellion heard of the Empire putting people into slavery on Earth so they went to Earth to get the people out of slavery. When the Rebellion got there the planet, moon, Earth ships,and imperial ships were getting pulled into a black hole. Even if the Rebellion could save the humans on Earth they wouldn't be able to save the planet. So it's The End of Earth!

This map features some excellent prop placement to mimic the effects of a black-hole. It also features a well laid out and balanced scheme that makes this an excellent download for somebody wanting a relaxing but interesting skirmish game.



Go here for more mods/maps : http://hosted.filefront.com/RPsidious71549
A map for Forces of Corruption

1.)Put The end of Earth.ted into your custom maps folder (if you don't have one make one).
2.)Open the game and your all set!

In the map there are 6 Mineral Extractor pads,6 turret build pads,a merchant dock in the middle of the map. The empire base is on the bottom right corner and the Rebellion base on the top left corner.Lots of nebula's and asteroids.


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