The Missing Maps: Map Pack 3

Maps in Map Pack 3:

1. Corulag Detention Camp~ An imperial detention facility set in one of the bamboo forests of Corulag. There are seve...


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Maps in Map Pack 3:

1. Corulag Detention Camp~ An imperial detention facility set in one of the bamboo forests of Corulag. There are several prison buildings throughout the map. 2. Coruscant: Civil Unrest~ My personal favorite of all of my maps, this map is set on the planet Coruscant. There's an abandoned sensor array out there--find it! 3. Eriadu Slums~ A map set in a run-down city on Eriadu. This map is perfectly symmetrical and leads to some interesting battles. 4. Fondor: Abandoned Factory~ Battle in a gigantic abandoned factory on the surface of Fondor. There are a few abandoned heavy vehicle factories on this map. 5. Fresia Islands~ Several archipeligo islands in a swamp on Fresia. This map provides a linear-style of conquest similar to the Bestine Shipyards level in Map Pack 2.

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The Missing Maps: Map Pack 3
This is the third installment of a project I am calling The Missing Maps. I intend to make a land skirmish map for each of the planets that don't have an official one. Each map pack will include five maps pertaining to the project and a sixth bonus map. Although I currently have every intention of finishing this project, I am making no promises that it will ever get done. Real life comes first! :-)

The filenames of all of the maps in this series will begin with a pound sign (#). Bonus maps will begin with two pound signs (##). This is mostly for my sanity's sake, but if you were wondering what they were doing there, that's why.

You can find screenshots and links to the other map packs online at the Missing Maps website:

*I'm also including an updated version of my Alzoc III Blizzard map from Map Pack 1; I removed the research facilities because they gave the Rebellion an unfair advantage.

Bonus Map: Coruscanti Invasion
Adapted from the Coruscant: Civil Unrest map, this map is intended to encourage the use of infantry. The only recruitment building that each side has is the barracks (although there are a few cantinas out there to be found, as well) and each side starts out with a substantial number of squadrons. The empire starts with Vader and the Rebellion starts with Kenobi, but these are the only heroes available in the map, so use them wisely! Despite my hardest efforts, I suspect this map is still a bit unbalanced. Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Extract this file into your Custom Maps folder (Usually found at C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Empire at War/GameData/Data/CustomMaps ). If you have Map Pack 1, it'll ask if you want to replace #AlzocIII.ted. Say yes.

Known Bugs:
None found.

If you find bugs or have any suggestions (as I may decide to rerelease maps at a later date) please post them on this map pack's entry on or PM user Authraw on or

All maps by Authraw. Feel free to host and play these maps over the internet, but please do not change them in any way. If you wish to use these maps in a larger project (such as plugging them into a mod) please contact me first. :-)

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