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The first mappack from "Theoldrepublicmaster101" contains a total of 8 maps for your enjoyment.

The 6 land and 2 space included are liste...


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The first mappack from "Theoldrepublicmaster101" contains a total of 8 maps for your enjoyment.

The 6 land and 2 space included are listed below:

Land - The Battle of Hoth Land - I AM LEGEND Land - Mos Eisley Land - On The Ground Land - Sullust's Demise Land - Tatooine Upgraded Land - The Beginning of the Civil War Land - Yavin IV City Space - Seige of Tatooine Space - Contact

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This my first mappack and sadly :( i dont know how to change the pics into JPEG :(
There are 2 space and 8 land maps.
Land-Battle of Hoth - Just another Hoth map its good, with 3 factions (only 2 playable)
Space-Contact - Tatooine has hit Naboo and the Empire and Rebels have taken advantage of this and have both built level 5 space stations. Debris is everywhere.
Land-I AM LEGEND - Is an abandond Earth city and Rebels have built a base on the city the Empire has built a small base not far off from the city.
Land-Mos Easily (im not sure how you spell it) - It is the city on Tatooine where many people have visted it.
Land-On the ground - Its the Endor map with a uplink station for the Empire and Ewoks for the Rebels.
Space-Seige of Tatooine - The Empire have managed to get 3 Star Destroyers and a level 1 Spacestaion and the Rebels have got a level 5 spacestation.
land-Sullust's demise - It on Sullust and the Empire have tried to land on the rebels base but the gravity has pulled the ships into the lava.
Land-Tatooine's made an upgrade - It tatooine with gas tanks and and many tusken raider villages with sith tombs and statues showing sith power was here before.
Land-The begining of the civil war - The war has begun on Rahn var and native people have been a hand full.
Land-The Yavin IV city - It is Yavin with a huge temple for the rebels and a small nutrual city east of the temple.

Thats about it.


simply unzip the file and put the .ted file into your lucasarts/starwarsempireatwar/gamedata/data/custommaps folder


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