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This Mod adds lots of tweaks to the game. -Foshjedi2004 Author's Note: It has come to our attention, via e-mail from this autho...


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This Mod adds lots of tweaks to the game.


Author's Note: It has come to our attention, via e-mail from this author, that this version of the mod does not give the X-wings and A-wings hunt mode. The author was unable to figure out how to add this feature properly and thus has removed it from the mod, but has left it in his read-me by accident. Please be aware that hunt mode is not enabled for X-wing and A-wing craft!

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This is Thick_Mod V 1.2 it has a few fixes and changes, also my mod may be used any way anyone sees fit. To install Thick_Mod V 1.2  go into C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Data and create a folder named XML, then copy and paste all XML files into the XML Folder. Then copy and paste the MasterTextFile into the TEXT folder in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Data , and remember to always backup your files. To uninstall Thick_Mod V 1.2 simply delete all the XML files and replace the MasterTextFile with the backup. 

X-Wings and A-Wings now have the "Hunt" ability

V-Wing's are now available for the Rebels, Z95's and V-Wing's are available for the Empire

The Acclamator Cruiser fixed

The Interdictor Cruiser is now a bit bigger and stronger

Mon Calamari Cruisers and Star Destroyers now have greater sight range

Rebel, Imperial and Pirate Frigate Class and Capital ships have stronger sheilds, armor

Piet's Particle Beam now has increased range

Planets give a higher unit cap, however some planets give a much higher unit cap than others

The Diamond Boron Missle travels much faster now

The Rebel Venator starting spawn is 3 X-Wing Fighter Squadrons and 2 Y-Wing Bomber Squadrons with 1 of each in 

The Imperial Venator starting spawn is 3 Tie Fighter Squadrons and 2 Tie Bomber Squadrons with 1 of each in reserve 

All ships but the Corvette Class have increased ranges (no more waiting for the Star Destroyer to get around the asteroids) and 
fighters have more than a 1% chance to get by the Corvettes

Corvette Class and some Frigate Class ships cost less

Starbases have highly increased ranges and are now much cheaper to construct

The Rebel and Imperial starbases now spawn more ships and fighters, the larger the starbase the more units it will spawn, for balancing issues I have made them to be equal in the ammount of ships spawned
Level 1: 5 Fighter  Squadrons , 2 Bomber  Squadrons 
Level 2: 6 Fighter  Squadrons , 2 Bomber  Squadrons , 2 Corvette Class
Level 3: 8 Fighter  Squadrons , 3 Bomber  Squadrons , 3 Corvette Class
Level 4: 12 Fighter  Squadrons , 5 Bomber  Squadrons , 3 Corvette Class, 2 Frigate Class
Level 5: 18 Fighter  Squadrons , 8 Bomber  Squadrons , 4 Corvette Class, 3 Frigate Class

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