Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War 1.3



above.Conquer the galaxy as the New Republic, Imperial Remnant and Empire of the Hand. Includes active minor factions such as the Hapans and Duskhan League. ...For Those New to Imperial Civil War...New Era-Based Tech SystemPlay as the New Republic, Imperial Remnant or Empire of the HandConquer Hostile Non-Playable Factions, Including the Hapans and Yevethans10 New Galactic Conquests Scenarios18 New Skirmish MapsOver 60 New Planetary Maps for GCOver 100 New Space Maps for GCRedone Particle Effects and GUI...Major Changes in 1.3...A New Tutorial GC Introducing the Gameplay of Thrawn's Revenge2 New Galactic Conquests9 Completely Redone Units10 New UnitsBonuses for Capturing Planets6 New Planet Maps for GCHundreds of Changes and FixesWebsite: gutr.swrebellion.comDELETE ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS BEFORE INSTALLINGInstall to:...Forces of Corruption-Double click the bat or shortcut to play.***When Playing Skirmish, Only Use Maps Starting with ThRevWhen Playing Online, Move The Desired Skirmish Map Into Forces of Corruption/Data/CustomMaps folderTech levels no longer exist in the mod, it is based on eras. To advance through the eras, kill the Imperial leaders (Isard, Thrawn, Palpatine, Daala and Pellaeon)This is only for the Art of War campaigns, not the era specific ones. Do not attempt to load saves from previous versions ***1.3 Fixes & Changes:Galactic Conquest:-Added Into the Cluster-Added Empires at War-Expanded Hunt for Zsinj-Art of War AI removed for minor factions-Art of War Lite starting forces expanded-Fixed bug where Hapan units can't be built in Hunt for Zsinj-Capture bonuses added to planets in all GCs-N'zoth Yevethan defence fleet expanded-New Land maps (Ession, Corellia, Yag'Dhul, Borleais, Abregado-Rae)-Duros civilians on DuroRedone Models/Skins:-VSD I/II-Ascendancy Star Destroyer-Golan I/II/III-Carrack-Au'riette Carrier-New NR Soldier modelNew Units/Structures:Imperial Remnant:-Crimson Command (Daala)-13x/Colonel Cronus (Daala)-Imperial SpecialistNew Republic:-Removed CC7700-Corona Frigate-Iillor/Corusca Rainbow added-New Republic Specialist-Corona FrigateEmpire of the Hand:-Mortar TAT-Hand of JudgementZsinj:-Raptor Soldier-Raptor Scout


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