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This mod changes UEM to Enhanced FOC which focuses on The rebels and the Empire. It also balances a couple units, makes some buildable only...


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This mod changes UEM to Enhanced FOC which focuses on The rebels and the Empire. It also balances a couple units, makes some buildable only on certain planets, and makes some enhancements. One of the new changes is The Freedom, Mon Mothma's capital ship. There is a surpise in this version. You will find out in Equal Footing

Have Fun!

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Download 'enhanced_foc.zip' (67.42MB)

Mod: Enhanced FOC V1
Email: adeadparrot@cox.net
Author: Johnathon Michel
Class: Coder
This mod is for FoC. Not for EAW
This mod is for all of you empire lovers to have fun with. 
It is a simple modification and not recommended if you don't like the empire.
Future mods may be formed.
Thanks to Avenger 95 as without his models, this mod would be very hard to complete
Special Thanks to the creators of the music used in my modification (John Williams, Lucasfilm, and ILM) 
as their music is the best I have ever seen in a long time.
UEM Version 1 changes
Executor enhanced to be much tougher.
Venator Star Destroyer added for empire. (Avenger's republic model but could be changed to empire model if you wish)
Stormtroopers changed to clone troopers
Veer's AT-AT has been further enhanced to be very tough.
Emperor Enhanced
Star Destroyer MK II added.
Skipray added to the Empire but still for underworld too.
Tie Defender Enhanced heavily
Juggernought enhanced.
Dark trooper Mk III enhanced.
Darth Vader Enhanced
space pop Cap for all factions except the underworld have been increased to 65.
Coruscant's income increaced to 2000.
Boba Fett enhanced (as we all like him)
AT-ST enhanced
2m tank enhanced
Death Star II's fleet enhanced.
Removed IG-88's Sabotoge death star ability.
Empire Space Stations enhanced
Replaced Main menu Music (We all know that it is annoying
Piet uses executor and Vader uses Tie prototype squadron
Enhanced Tie prototype
Z-95 Enhanced
UEM Version 1.1 changes

Removed Tie Fighter for good
Removed Tartan cruiser for empire and added it for rebels.
removed Corellian Gunship
Added Imperial Cruiser.
Starbases and Death Star II modified.
Gargantuan Modified to be a bit of a challenge.
Luke skywalker and Yoda Modified
Fixed a bug when Piett used the accuser.
UEM Version 1.2 changes
Enhanced Admonitor
Modified Veers company
Enhanced AT-AA
Enhanced Hypervelocity Gun
New music added
Some of the old music replaced
Added Nebulon B frigate to empire (it still works for rebels.)
Enhanced_FOC Version 1
Note: this version focuses on the rebellion more
Added Mon Mothma's ship "The Freedom" (The rebel's only version of the New venator)
Enhanced gargantuan 
Balanced Veer's AT-AT.
Enhanced Home One
Added Rebel Command Center
Removed Grand Moff tarkin (As he was dead allready)
Modified Correlian corvette to be only buildable at Correlia (all factions)
Modified Kedable Battleship to be buildable only at Mandalore (all Factions)
Enhanced DS II
Enhanced X-Wing to have a chance against Z-95 MK IIs
Enhanced B-Wing 
Future Versions may require some modeling. If so, I will start recruiting modelers and skinners.
Any use of these xmls against my mod is prohibited.'
Version 2 and beyond of UEM has been changed to Enhanced_FOC

Installation instructions:
1. open the zip/rar file
2. Copy or extract the main folder to your mods folder (if you do not have one - 
- , please create one by renaming a folder) 
3 click on the "Enhanced FOC mod launch" shortcut.
4. Enjoy the mod.
If you have any questions, please post them here as I check the posting every day.
Bug reports may be posted too or emailed. (I rarely go on my email adress so the posting is the most reliable.)

Hope you have Fun!

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