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This Mod Increases the Unit Population cap in Skirmish to 46 and In Space to 140.


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This Mod Increases the Unit Population cap in Skirmish to 46 and In Space to 140.

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Download 'unit_cap_mod_foc_and_eaw_v.2.zip' (65KB)

Hello to All
This mod will change your unit population cap to 140
in space skirmish and conquest modes. It will also change your ground 
skirmish pop. cap. to 46 (this does not work in conquest mode because 
the unit placements on ground are limited to 10 units)

In  V.2 the ground limits are increased to 46 and the starting units recieved
in space skirmish mode are:

Empire: 3 Interceptors and 2 Tartan Patrol crusiers
Rebel: 3 X-wings 2 Corellian coverts
Consorption: 3 Star-Vipers 2 Crusader gunships

in V.2 you also have the luxury of choosing more credits at the start (max 14000)
and the speed accelerator is a bit faster (somtimes you dont want to wait so long for
a big unit to build)
the dificulty level normal is also made a tiny bit easier if you do not want that
function just dont extract the dificultyadjustments.xml

NOTE!: Unfortunatly in this version you can only use the factions.xml if you want it
in your first game

To install this mod simply extract all the XML files to your XML folder in
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\Data
folder and play.

This mod is made to make life more fun so if you want to use it in any 
of your own mods please feel free as long as you give me credit:
Shane Solari

If you have any questions or comments contact me at: sonic-987 AT hotmail DOT com

Enjoy :)

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