Urban Warfare



Urban Warfare is a urban type map set in a desert environment. The map features some interesting ideas and some excellent prop placement. The props in this map are used to create an ideal desert city and are also used to create some unique ideas like bridges over dried up river bed. However this map could sue some more texture and height variation in the desert areas. The layout of this map has been planned perfectly for a tactical game. There are small side streets and areas behind houses only accessible to infantry and there are major roadways open to all units. Base buildings are also more spread out which allows for some interesting defense tactics.

This should be a download for you if you are looking for an interesting and tactics using skirmish map.



Urban Warfare (FoC)

This map is an urban map set in a desert environment. I tried to make this
map how i felt the people at Petroglyph should have made the urban maps in EAW,
and FoC.  I made it with as much detail as possible. In the city area vehicles 
can only travel on the roads but infantry can use the alleyways and area's behind houses. 
It makes for a very strategic game (and sometimes drawn out game). There are some 
mineral pads and a skirmish build pad in the top left corner. As well as a Cantina
This is a great download and it totally changes the feel of EAW,

Balance Issues: 
-Buildings are easy to destroy and hard
 to protect, because they are not in a base
-Zann consortium hve an advantage, they're base
 is an actual base so it's hard to destroy
-Canderous assault tanks are alomast unbeatable in small streets

Just unzip the .ted file into your custom maps folder
If you don't have one just make a custom maps folder in the data folder.

I don't have a problem if you use this in a mod, just E-mail me and i'll give
you permission. If you do use it please just give me credit


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