Vengeance on Kothlis Series

Vengeance on Kothlis is a mappack containing two maps based on the Kolthis planet in the Star Wars universe. You need IG-11's propack to pla...


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Vengeance on Kothlis is a mappack containing two maps based on the Kolthis planet in the Star Wars universe. You need IG-11's propack to play this map to it's full effect. The Rogue Squadron II Kolthis is a skirmish map that has no bases and features an Imperial Force in the water attacking a rebel force on the beach. the author should attempt to blend his textures together and to utilize the nature effects more. Utilizing the passability brush would also make it so that the map could have established choke points. The map also features four turbo lasers on a crashed Star Destroyer in the sea.

Vengeance on Kolthis appears to be based off the Rogue Squadron II Kolthis map. There are now an established Imperial and Rebel base. There is also a large land mass in what used to be a large sea on the Rogue Squadron II Kolthis map. The author should use the suggestions for the previous map plus attempt to make cliff and mountain edges less jagged.

These two maps offer fast paced games that will end quickly but offer little to no tactics during play. If this sounds appetizing to you then consider downloading these maps.

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I'm back with a different kind of map, one i tried to base off the
Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader video game. if you know it, then 
you'll easily recognize these 2 levels. they're my favorite. So 
one is just the scenario in the game, where all you have are starting
units for either empire or rebels..and nothing else. no base, nothing.
so this is only meant for quick 5 minute or less gameplay based on the
actually level. make sure you change the advanced options on instant 
action to "destroy enemy"before you start!!!!! 

The second map is the older map, but this time, there is a base for 
both sides, and all the starting units are hostile. 

issues: since the vehicles have to be able to go in the water, 
i made it passable, meaning infantry and all that can go also.
This means it will be a bit harder to get hit or hit when ur under..
cuz lasers will just hit the water. 

(Yes i know the research facility is underwater..i thought it was cool)

same drill as with all instant action maps, simply place both TED files
into C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataCustomMaps
and thats it!

feel free to use these maps as base to improve on or change around, 
but give credit for these maps to me: DarkTrooper9847!!

thanks to IG-11 for the prop pack for the map editor.

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