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Vinegar's Mygeeto

This is Vinegar's first map, and is an attempt at the planet Mygeeto. The map is based on Mygeeto, which is a glacier / ice planet, but...


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File Description

This is Vinegar's first map, and is an attempt at the planet Mygeeto.

The map is based on Mygeeto, which is a glacier / ice planet, but this map is in mid air, like a floating city of sorts.

For a first attempt at mapping, this looks like a good job and is worth looking at.

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Vinegar's Mygeeto

Hello this is my first try at the planet Mygeeto, and I hope you like it.


1. Description
2. Installation and instructions
3. Contact info
4. Agreement
5. special thanks

This a map about the planet Mygeeto witch was a glacier planet with ice and snow,
but on this map it is located on some platforms so your in a city high in the air
Not much more to say except I did not find any bugs but when you guys do I will make a version 2.0

terrain\ Urban
Weather\ Snow constant
multiplayer support\ yes
EaW compatable\ no
Foc compatable\ ONLY!
Number of teams\ three
Number of players\ six
learning curve\ about 7 minets
Date Released\ 5/22/2007
Natives\ NONE

go to my computer(select your hard drive that FoC is installed)program files\lucas arts\forces of corruption\
data\custom maps put Land Mygeeto and Mygeeto in there.

Then put,
copy W_Mygeeto_Building_A.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Building_B.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Building_C.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Building_D.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Building_E.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Corner_A.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Corner_B.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Lamp_A.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Wall_A.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Wall_B.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Wall_C.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy W_Mygeeto_Wall_D.ALO to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Models
copy w_clouds02.dds to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Textures
copy w_clouds02_b.dds to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Textures
copy W_MYGEETO_PROPS.dds to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Textures
copy W_MYGEETO_PROPS2.dds to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Textures
copy W_MYGEETO_PROPS_BC.dds to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Textures
copy W_MYGEETO_PROPS2_BC.dds to ..\Forces of Corruption\data\Art\Textures
copy Props_Urban.xml to ..\Forces of Corruption\Data\XML

If you do not have any of these folders then you will need to create them.

Vinegarmoon at the filefront forums and everythingeawforums.

4I have no objections that you use this in your mods just so that you give credit were its do,
also please don't repost this file anywhere but filefront, thank you.

IG-756 for testing the map

Keeper of faith for creating the models you see on this map and for letting anyone use them thanks man!!!

shadow for creating the space map that I put in here.

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