Wave Insurgency Map Pack

This map pack for Empire At War contains three space maps for your enjoyment. Two of the included maps have back stories for you to read and...


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This map pack for Empire At War contains three space maps for your enjoyment. Two of the included maps have back stories for you to read and get an idea of what the creator was thinking when these maps were made.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'mp_wave_insurgency_v1.zip.zip' (768KB)

Empire At War 
The Black Widow Productions
Mappack 1.0  
The Wave Insurgency and Other Maps

How to Play them:
First open the file called maps, it should have 3 maps:
 Wave Insurgency, Bomber Opportunity, and Maw Instalation, then cut those and put it in 
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data\CustomMaps
Then Load the game, select singleplayer/skirmish battles/custom maps/space, then
select the one you want to play.

As far as I know, the Mappack has no bugs, but make sure for Bomber Opportunity that
 you put the win condition one destroy enemy because there are no bases in that one.

Look I am not going to badger you with legalities, play it, have fun, and don't do anything stupid.

If you find a problem with the pack or want to congratulate me on a job well done, I can be 
contacted at alex.erbil@gmail.com.


Wave Insurgency:
A group of Quarren calling themselves the Wave Insurgency have defected to the Empire, together
they embarked on a bold plan, using secret Quarren technology they blanketed Mon Calamari with 
a gigantic Disruptor Storm, so they can't contact the Rebellion, the Mon Calamarians have requested
assistance to the threat. Admiral Ackbar in his flagship, Home One, was orbitting Mon Calamari at the time.
Defeat the Wave Insurgency before it is too late. 
Bomber Opportunity:
The Value of Bomber, as we all know, very high, but can they defeat a superior force through Proton Torpedoes.
Recommend you play as the Rebellion on Medium to Hard.

The Maw Instalation:
Yssane Isard of the Empire has recently realized the advantage of the Maw Instalation, as has started to rebuild it.
Intelligence has learned of her plans and has dispatched a fleet to navigate through the Maw. Along the way, a loyal
Interdictor Cruiser activated its Gravity Well Projectors and dragged about 3 quarters of your fleet into a Black Hole.
Use your remaining forces to wipe out the Maw Instalation while it is still in its infancy.

More Wave Insurgency mappack will come Soon!

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