Wayland Camps



Wayland Camps is a ground skirmish map for Forces of Corruption (not Empire at War) by Psychoduck.

In a short, this is another great map by Psychoduck. The texturing and use of height variation are well done and the map's layout offers some very interesting gameplay opportunities. If you've ever played the Valley of the Kings map for Age of Mythology, you'll definitely be seeing some similarities. Psychoduck has placed some heavily fortified pirate hardpoints in key locations across the map. If you want to expand, you'll need to take these outposts out. Other outposts contain goodies like reinforcement points or buildable bunkers that can be used against the enemy. However, as you attack the pirates, you need to keep in mind how much of your resources you are willing or are able to spend on them, for the other team is still there. Infantry only locations have also been placed, making infantry key to winning the game. With this in mind, Psychoduck has given one of the more neglected classes of ground units a vital role in the game, and I applaud him for this.

If you want a great looking map that offers even better gameplay, then download this map and have fun!



Wayland Camps readme


After downloading unzip the file and move "Wayland" into your "Custommaps" folder in the "Data" folder under "Star Wars Empire At War Forces of Corruption" folder


There are no bugs that I know of

Psychoduck: creater
Burning Thunder: co-creater

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