Wesker's Verena

This map is for FoC.

This is Wesker's recreation of the Battlefront 2 map known as [url="http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/...


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This map is for FoC.

This is Wesker's recreation of the Battlefront 2 map known as Verena Defence: Immortal made by Arcane_Penguin.


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Download 'weskers_verena.zip' (3.2MB)


this map is based on the star wars battlefront 2 map created by arcane Penguin called Verena defense immortal.
Using props from Ig_11 I have created a somewhat similiar Star Wars Foc map. there are many differences i will explain
. do to the map editor not being complex enough i have replaced the tunnels in Verena with mountain passage ways that
are infantry only.
. Crashed fighters such as V wings and pirate fighters appear on the map (that is if installed correctly). this map takes place
during the galactic civil war so the clone wars battle would have ended with multiple fighter and cruiser wrecks on the planet.
. The CIS cruiser has been replaced with the Mon Calamari Frigate (due to the fact that no CIS cruiser prop is available).
If someone has a CIS cruiser prop I'd be more than happy to replace it and post a new version.

Installation: unlike my other maps/mappacks this one is slightly easier to install. If you have a xml folder put the  
xmls called props generic and props forest in your xml folder. If you do not have one you will have to make one in your 
data folder. Lucasarts/star wars foc/ data/ this is where make the folder titled xml. once you finish this put the file called 
Verena in your custom maps folder. Yet again if you do not have one simply follow the steps for the xmls but instead 
make a folder called custom maps. 

special thanks to:
Arcane Penguin for creating the Verena map in the first place
IG_11 for the props.

legal stuff: inform me if you plan to change the map in any way. Its alright to change your own version but if you post
or distribute the version you must inform me of the changes and wait for me to judge if your map is allowed to be posted or



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