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Weskers Indigenous uprising beta

This is Re4_wesker with my first mini mod. This is far from done but i thought i would show everybody the basic idea of the mod. I intend to...


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This is Re4_wesker with my first mini mod. This is far from done but i thought i would show everybody the basic idea of the mod. I intend to make a mini mod adding buildable indigenous units for the rebels, empire, and the consortium. v1 adds indigenous rebel units and empire units for skirmish mode. gc will come in next version along with zc units. For further information go to the readme.

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Hey this is wesker. I haven't really posted anything new lately so here's something i had made
a while back. Unlike the previous things i posted wich were maps this is a mini mod. Introducing the
Indigenous unit addon. This is v1 and this still has a long way to go and i intend to improve it as much 
as possible. This mod is for foc.

Alright so this is a pretty straight forward mini mod. Be aware that this is just something
i fooled around with on my spare time and i know there are some minor glitches.

so yeah basically this mod adds indigenous infantry to the rebels and the empire. consortium will come in next version.
So the Rebels have been given:

Bothan civilians
human civilians
Mon Clamari

For the Empire:

Noghri Civilians

Yes i know this mod is pretty one sided and i will fix that eventually. and you will also notice only one squad
comes down per transport. Also all the units except for ewoks do not take up room on your unit cap. I'll fix the ewok
unit cap glitch as well.

The reason i made this was do to the fact that the rebels only had human infantry in the original game. since historically
in the star wars universe there were numerous alien races involved and therefore i thought it would be better if there were more
alien race infantry.For the moment consider the indigenous units as cannon fodder due to the fact of how little damage they do and
how quickly they die. I intend to give them an array of new ability and strengths as time goes on.

Put the xmls here: Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionDataxml
If you do not have a xml folder simply make one in your data folder for foc

Legal stuff: Feel free to use the xmls provided but please inform me if you do use them.

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