Yoden battlestation map 2 FoC

This is version two of Yoden's Battle Station map, which appears to be set on a station orbiting a planet.

It is quite excellent, and cle...


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This is version two of Yoden's Battle Station map, which appears to be set on a station orbiting a planet.

It is quite excellent, and cleverly made. Download if you want to play on a space station in low orbit of a planet.

~Penguin Unit~

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Download 'yoden_battlestation_map_2_foc.zip' (147KB)

YODEN 1 map for force of corruption

106-battlestation map 2

+lot of money at the start for the first player in the 2 faction
faction   1 to 8 player
mirror map

I give you , some time ago  = yoden history = in a past readme file

now i use this readme , to give you a new comment , 
on player who put time and work and dedication to this game

                     all this comment are from me YODEN 
         and remember as you read this that i am french so i dont know all english word 

                           UNIVERS OF FREE CREATION


When we buy a pc game ,we play it alots first to see the end of it
after we play it for fun but after the passion for the game go a little down.
That where the mapper and modder create free maps and mods for the game to be right up in fun play.
In this world there nothing for free , almost everybody want cash and more cash from other people.
So for the FREE  time , work , and creation , that all modder and mapper give to other player,
its something realy special for all of us , its need to be mention.


i see alots of great map and mapper in all community for this game eaw,
maybe there 100 mapper and more.

some time there great map and some time there need to be fix map from the view we have
but there alway 1 map that we see or play ,that amaze our imagination .
i cant name all the mapper because i dont want to forget 1,
from the old to the new ,there alway a place for your imagination in all community.
The special thing that hit me in 2008 mapping community,
the mapper go better and better everytime.
so i ask myself ,who from the mapper in eaw world derserve a special mention,
there about 10 of them in my list.

But 1 mapper have create something that prove that is on top of is arts.
Not by all the great map that hes create , but for doing something that can help all mapper.
He have create a great , easy to learn tutorial for all new and old mapper
hes name   = Enceladus =  he is my special mention for a mapper in 2008

for is tutorial go on    ( http://www.eawandmore.com/forum/ )


The first mods that i download was so terrible ,lots of bug in it,
but it was long time from now lol
some modder remix game,other create model,some remix mod from mod lol,
to create a new gameplay.
the modding of a game need so mush time and people in it,
that some time we forget all the work behind a mod when we download it in 1 min.
some modder give us the real game that we want from the beginnig of eaw,
by create new ship,hero,soldier,tank and more.... that we realy want in it.
New story,new faction,new way of play,new challenge,
a new game that only modder can give FREE to us.
how many people aroud you ,give you free thing , ask yourself,
and you gonna realize that modder give you more them you think.

i have take a look at 3 mod to be come in 2008,
and the 3 deserve a special mention  lol,
but i got to admit that 1 of them from my view of mapper,amaze me.
In 2008 all the modder push almost to limit the mod that they create,
from every aspect of the game.

Almost old mod was concentrade almost only in space way ,
only 2 or 3 mod try to be more balance land/space

but overall there 1 mod that for my playabilty in land play ,
that am  more happy  about it.
This mod got a new gameplay,new hero and more and more........for land and space.

the name of the mod  = RAW =
The modder name   = Z3ROX = and all people who have work with

he is my special mention for a modder in 2008

for is mods go on http://everythingeaw.com/

my last special mention go to all modder and mapper in this game

thk all for your great work 

and player who enjoy it


i realy hope you enjoy my map and it give you creativity for your next map you gonna make

i am french from  montreal  so sorry if the text got some error   lol

yoden your friend

and fell free to remix my map and use it , if you want in your map editor and in your mods
just mention my name in your readme file

All you have to do to Install:the file map ted 
C:Program FilesLucasArts StarWars Empire at War force of corruption Data CustomMaps
(if dont have a custommaps folder make one

For more information on Star Wars: Empire at War, visit http://empireatwar.filefront.com

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