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This is a Patch for the 1.0 Mod.

It fixes a few of the Bugs found in V1.0


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This is a Patch for the 1.0 Mod.

It fixes a few of the Bugs found in V1.0

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Download 'z3r0x_foc_addon_1.0_full_patch.zip' (3.73MB)

**FOC ADDON MOD Ver 1.0**

By z3r0x

This mod will add many new items to FOC.

Instructions: Create a folder in "Data" called "Mods" then unzip contents into that folder. If you have one of my previous mods overwrite the old files. 

Overwrite new XMLs. Place the Maps folder in the Art folder. Plase ALL the .dds files in the Textures folder.

New units:


Recusant Frigtate* (Muunilinst Only)
Munificent Frigate* (Muunilinst Only)
Corellian Battlecruiser* (Corellia Only)
Corellian Destroyer* (Corellia Only)
Cloakshape Fighter*
Howl Runner Fighter*
Super BattleDroids*
Mandalorian Shock Troopers* (Mandalore Only)
Snail Tank* (Muunilinst Only)
B1 BattleDroids (Geonosis Only)

Bayonet Cruiser*
Escort Carrier*
Lancer Frigate*
Dominator Cruiser* (Kuat Only)
Eclipse Super Star Destroyer* (Byss Only)
Assault Gunboat*
TIE Avenger*
Carrack Cruiser*
Strike Cruiser*
E-Web Troopers*
Darkside Adepts* (Korriban Only)
Hero: Baron Soontir Fel w/181st Squadron*
Hero: Admiral Ozzel w/Nemesis Star Destroyer*

MC-40* (Mon Calimari Only)
MC-80a*(Mon Calimari Only)
MC-90* (Mon Calimari Only)
Nebulon B2*
Assault Frigate MK1*
Quasar Fire Carrier*
AAC Hovertank*
V-Wing Speeder*
Hero: General Jan Dodonna*

Misc Factions:
R-41 StarChaser*
N1 Fighter*
Golan 3*
B1 BattleDroids*


3 New Planets added Rattatak, Polis Massa, and Zhar
4 new maps added.
New Factions Added Hutts,Mandalorians,Naboo,Corellians,Corporate Sector.
Planetary Defense Fleets Added for Hutts,Mandalorians,Naboo,Corellians,Corporate Sector 
Planet Values increased.
Planet Population Values Increased
Reinforcements Increased for Space Stations.
Faction Colors Changed to Purple for Underworld, Green for the Empire, and Crimson for the Rebels
LAAT/i: Transport Capability Added, Color Changed.
Juggernaught: Speed Increased, Rocket Attack added, Health Added, Size Scaled Up.
B-Wing: Health Increased, Shields Increased, Size Scaled Down
X-Wing: Size Scaled Down, Squadron increased to 12
A-Wing: Size Scaled Down, Squadron increased to 12
Y-Wing: Size Scaled Down
NebulonB: Size Scaled down
Corellian Corvette: Size Scaled Down
Corellian Gunboat: Size Scaled Down
Broadside Cruiser: Size Scaled Up
ISD: Size Scaled Up.
VSD: Size Scaled UP
Interdictor: Size Scaled up
TIE Fighter: Size Scaled Down
TIE Defender: Size Scaled Down, Squadron Increased to 12
TIE BOmber: Size Scaled Down
TIE Phantom: Size Scaled Down, Squadron Increased to 12
TIE Interceptor: Size Scaled Down, Squadron Increased to 12
Acclamator: Size Scaled Up
Marauder Cruiser: Size Scaled Up
Space Station Build Times are Decreased 
ALL Fighter Build Times Decreased
Space Station Reinforcements Increased Greatly 
Campaign "Equal Footing" starts with more credits for all sides.
Space Battle Pop Cap Increased for all sides.
Vengence Frigate: Shields Added 
Opening Movie Music changed, ROTS music added to Galactic map

I am aware of the base building menus bug on the new land maps. Until it can be corrected I am only including one new land map.

Bug fixes from 1.0 Beta
Atrt reverting to speeder bike after a save*
Dauntless in top row not visible on mon cal*
Text Entrys for HPs on Dauntless
Fighter Spawning errors on Dauntless*
Dominator Laser cannon Projectiles

Change List from 1.0 Beta
Assault Gunboat Cost build time increased
Health on Dauntless HP's reduced.. Fire pulse reduced
Reduced Proton Torpedo Damage by 50%*
Reduced Fire from TIE Defender Ion Cannon*
TIE Figher Scale Fixed*
ALL Fighters RE-Scaled.

Reported Bugs that were not found.

Tyber Zann with Bribe Ability in Space. (Checked..there is NO Tyber XMLs in the mod.. no bug found. Could not duplicate)

Instant win on Piracy Missons. (Checked.. no code changed for Piracy missions. Could not duplicate problem. No bug found.)

Y-wing projectile same as TIE Defender or vise versa. (Y-wing projectile code was NOT changed. No bug found.)

Thanks and Credits:

Lancer Frigate: LoW (Model, Skin)
Dreadnaught: Low, IA2 (Model, Skin, Lightmap, Bummap)
Assault Gunboat: Given to me by IA2 (- Original mesh and texture work by Nixon (nixon@gerf.org)
- This low poly complete mesh rebuild by Major A Payne. Textures rendered from original mode)
AT-RT: LoW, Wildcat (Model, Skin, Animations
N1 Fighter: IA2 (Model, Skin)
B1 Battledroid: Keeper of Faith (Model, Skin)
Super Battle Droid: Keeper of Faith (Model, Skin)
E-Web: Bailknight (Model, Skin)
Quasar Carier: Bailknight (Model, Skin)
V-Wing: Bailknight (Model, Skin)
Assault Frigate Mk1: Bailknight (Model, Skin)
AAC Tank: Bailknight (Model, Skin)
LAAT: Bailknight (Model, Skin)
Snail Tank: Codeuser (Model, Skin)

All other models by EvilleJedi. Skins and model modifcations by Frankie (warlord.thb) and RazielKanos (Steiner Modding Team)

Rattatak Land map built by Petroglyph Games. Texturing modification, Terrain modification, props, markers and AI zones done by ME z3r0x.

ALL code modifcations by me z3r0x
Mod built by z3r0x


Thanks to Bryant, Wildcat and Swbex.. pz

					email: evillejedi@gmail.com
					website: http://warlords.swrebellion.com/
					website: www.Steiner-Modding.com

					website: http://fgx.strategyplanet.gamespy.com/catnz/
					website: http://fgx.strategyplanet.gamespy.com/eawspaceaddon/
					Supportforum (german): http://www.startreklegacyforum.de.tl/

Send any bugs to z3r0_89@hotmail Dot Com or come over to http://everythingeaw.com

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