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Star Wars: Empire at War Delphi-PG Answers Some Questions!

At the Petroglyph Fan Forums Delphi-PG has been aswering a few questions that fans have related to EAW. He's replyed to two questions which are related to Lan gaming and other operating systems support. Here's what he said: There will of course be LAN support, but there is no time in the process to code in support for spawned MP copies. I will mark it down...


Star Wars: Empire at War EAW Nexus Released

EAW Nexus is a new fansite which has opened it's doors to the community and will mainly be based on modding. In time this website should be a great resource for all modding teams out there as it will have tutorials and other articles related to modding. Head to EAW Nexus to check out what they are all about.


Star Wars: Empire at War EAWFiles PoTD

Right, although News, this is more of an Information Post regarding the PoTD's (those in queue, and those that have been posted already)! When posting comments, you must follow these rules: 1. No "Yay I got First Post!" posts, no exceptions and no matter what other content the post has! 2. No Pornographic Material. Any sexually oriented imagery or link...


Star Wars: Empire at War Official Chat Session Details Changed!

It appears that official chat session with Petro has now changed to November 7, 2005 at 7:00 PM (GMT) (2:00 PM EST) (11AM PST). Here's a list of people that will be at the chat answering our questions: Chuck Kroegel, General Manager (Producer) Joe Bostic, Lead Designer (Visionary) Mike Legg, President (Lead Programmer) Chris Rubyor, Designer (Mul...


Star Wars: Empire at War PCGameWorld Preview | 80 Planets!

PCGameWorld has released a new preview which gives us details that there will be over eighty planetary systems to wage war on and above. The preview is a good one and has some good points to the game, here's a snippet: n the game you will be given a choice to either play as the Empire or the Rebel Alliance with the goal to either stomp out or overthrow the...


Star Wars: Empire at War Venator is in!

EAW.PexGames has word that the Venator cruiser will be playable in EAW! Here's what they said: Interesting news can be found at the Petroglyph Fan Forum. Some times Petroglyph members come over to post some news or read what the community thinks about the game. Some days ago "Delphi-PG" confirmed that the Venator cruiser (which should be well known from the...


Star Wars: Empire at War EAW.Net Relaunched!

It appears that our friends at EAW.Net have redesigned their website with a great new look. To celebrate this relaunch they've posted up 5 new exclusive screenshots that they must of got from Petro. You'll need to head to EAW.Net to check out the screens.


Star Wars: Empire at War EAW Demo To Be Released?

I've been emailed by an unknown source which tells me that people at GC 2005 where told that a Demo will be released around December time. I can't be sure this is 100% true but hopefully we'll get an official word from Petro soon on the matter. I'm going to try and email them to find out if this information is true or false. Fingers crossed!


Star Wars: Empire at War Play EAW At German Games Convention

stefan mohmann from SW has sent me an email with some information about a German Games Conventions that'll allow you to play EAW. Here's what he had to say: During the Games Convention in Leipzig/Germany (August 18 to 21) Visitors will be able to play Empire at War themselves. Our Partner-Site 'World of Star Wars' got this information directly from...


Star Wars: Empire at War New EAW Trailer Coming?

EAW PexGames is reporting that a new trailer will be released soon which is said to be a commercial trailer shown at E3. They don't currently have any details on when this trailer will be released so we'll just have to keep our eyes on the news. I'll have it up for download on this site once it's released.


Star Wars: Empire at War We Welcome Fansite! is the newest site to join the community and it's ran by my good friend Sonic. I'm sure this site will provide some great information on the game and updates as time goes on as Sonic has a lot of experince in webmastering. Please head to to give them some browser lovin!


Star Wars: Empire at War EAW Pexgames Opens

There is a new fansite in the community which has just opened it's doors to the public. The site is called EAW Pexgames and will hopefully become a good resource for EAW in time. Head to their website to give them some browser lovin. Welcome to the community guys!