Star Wars: Empire at War

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Star Wars: Empire at War SW-EAW.De | Detailed Screenshots

SW-EAW.De has managed to take a lot of photo's from the GC 2005 event and post them up on their website. These photo's give us good information on the unit and structures, their names and how much they'll cost to build. You should head to SW-EAW.De to check out the rest of these screenshots.


Star Wars: Empire at War Star Wars: Imperial Assault II - Rise Of The Empire (Screenshots)

Screenshots for the upcomming Star Wars: Empire At War MOD - Star Wars: Imperial Assault II - Rise Of The Empire. | Back To MOD Information | | Back To MOD Centre |


Star Wars: Empire at War New Screenshots

Check out these wonderful news screenshots.


Star Wars: Empire at War 4 New Screenshots!

The Official LucasArts EAW Website has released 4 new screenshots today which looks great. One of the most interesting ones is the one that shows the Xwing going down the Death Stars trench tunnel to hopefully blow it up. You can check them out below and more screenshots here.


Star Wars: Empire at War Video Interview with Producer of EAW & Additional Gameplay Footage! released an exclusive video of including Star Wars: Empire at War gameplay, an interview with the producer of the game, AND an interview with a beta tester of SW: Battlefield 2. Bret (the producer) talks about several of the key features of the gameplay; including how the campaign timeline will work. The video has an extremely high bit...


Star Wars: Empire at War New Trailer & Screens!

IGN PC has released an excellent trailer which was sent to them by Petro. The trailer is about 2mins long and shows some of the best battles in a game I've ever seen. This trailer is truely amazing and will have you shocked at the way the game looks. You can download the trailer by heading here, I won't keep you waiting on that anymore. IGN has also released...


Star Wars: Empire at War New Screenshots!

The Official EAW Site site has been updated with a few more screenshots for us to check out. These new screenshots show a few more battle scenes of the Death star and a few on the ground. I've posted them all below and added them to our screenshot page. Head to the Official EAW Site to keep an eye on updates.


Star Wars: Empire at War More EAW Video's

Nick from MEMW got the chance to visit E3 and check out some of the game which are being released by some of the top game companies. He took a movie clip of the commercials for EAW which are being played at E3 for all the starwars games. He's got 2 movie versions, a large and medium. You should head to MEMW to download them.


Star Wars: Empire at War 2 New Ingame Movies

PC IGN has just released 2 new gameplay movies for Empire at war! I've watched both of these movie clips and I really can't wait until we get to play this game. It looks truely excallent. The movies show some space and land battles, watch out for the death star as it kills a Rebel planet! Head to PC IGN to download and watch both of these movies.


Star Wars: Empire at War EAW Featured In PC Zone!

Dem0n_Child from our Forums has shared some information that he found in the PC Zone magazine. It appears that this magazine got to try out an early build of the game and they have many pages of information to do with the build that they played. They've also got some details of what modes we can expect to see in multiplayer. Dem0n_Child has posted up some sc...


Star Wars: Empire at War Screenshots Page

There has been many screenshots released for Star wars: Empire at war since it was announced. I've gone around the internet and found as many as I could to add to this page. You can be sure that once more screenshots are released they will be added to this page so that people can keep viewing them and you won't need to search around some much. Enjoy all the...


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