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Demo Mods Mega Mod Cheap

The "Mega Mod" is going to be a series of mods that i will be making. this is my first mod, which makes space stuff at a lower price. it a...


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Modifications Ultimate Mod Hardcore (1.9)

Updated mod from v1.8 to v1.9. The super star destroyer has been added and the infiltrator base and infiltrators have been removed.


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Modifications Ultimate Mod Easy (1.9)

Updated mod from v1.8 to v1.9. The super star destroyer has been added and the infiltrator base and infiltrators have been removed.


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Modifications Bryant's Mod (2.0)

This is Release 1 of Bryants Mod. This mod edits the EaW Demo WITHOUT tampering with the exe file in any way.


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Modifications Chr0n1x's Empire Mod (1.0)

The first release of Chr0n1x's Empire Mod.


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Modifications Galactic Conquest Mod

This Mod lets you play Rebels and battle the Empire across the Entire Galaxy in Space or Land.


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Demo Tools Demo MOD Tools

Well Folks, here we have some tools for getting at the EAW Demo files (the ones you can't normally get to and / or that simply wont open). T...


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Demo Mods Expanded Campaign

This mod adds Kashyyyk and Ryloth to the demo campaign. Kashyyyk's ground map doesn't work within the campaign, but Ryloth's map should....


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Demo Mods EAW Demo Mod

features... Rebels now start the demo with 99,999 credits Wookies and Jawas playable from Start Missile Cruisers with adjusted speeds are...


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Demo Mods Chriz EAW Demo Mod

This demo mod allows you to play with a few new toys. I couldn't understand much more because it's from the German community.


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Demo Mods RiverSide's Demo Mod

With this mod for the EAW Demo, there are Star Destroyers for the Imperial side, and you get Mon Calamaris. You also get access to A Wings,...


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Demo Mods Zach's First Mod

Just a simple mod to test out my stuff. Switched teams to the Empire, activated a new planet. Replaced the tutorial maps with asteroids maps...


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Videos Empire At War Gameplay Video (from demo)

Gameplay video of the Star Wars: Empire at War demo. Don't want to install the demo? This video's for you.


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Demo Star Wars: Empire at War Demo

Using an entirely new game engine created by the Las Vegas-based developer Petroglyph, the game will feature beautifully rendered land and s...


Videos Star Wars: Empire at War Trailer #2

A trailer from LucasArts Entertainment showing off gameplay footage from Star Wars: Empire at War.


Videos New EAW Trailer!

This trailer presents an overview of the game's premise and features in two minutes of mostly in-game footage.


Videos Talk To The Hand!

This is a new video for Only war 2, Exclusive to EAWFiles. It shows a hand animation.


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Modifications Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War Teaser

The Teaser Trailer that also displays the winning logo of our logo competition.


Wallpapers Clonetrooper Wallpaper

Star Wars: Empire At War Wallpaper, featuring a random clone trooper.


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Videos SW Convention Video

A Star Wars Convention Video I found on the net!


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Videos Starwars Lego!

A neat little video file I found on the net!


Videos Star Wars: Empire at War Movie Trailer

This high-resolution trailer introduces the game's storyline and features about two minutes of cinematic and in-game footage.


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Videos Empire at War Gameplay Trailer

This features a sneak peek on the gameplay. In the first part you'll see a group of ships attacking a larger ship. After that part Darth Vad...


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Videos Join The Empire DivX

Who doesn't like Imperial propaganda? This video from took years to make and most of the models were made from scratch. The...


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Media EAW Commercial Video

A fan at E3 managed to record the Commercial video. The video shows a lot of battles and other clips from the game.


Wallpapers Wolf's Wallpaper

A wallpaper for EAW of course.


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Videos Empire At War E3 Video Clip

This clip shows a huge space battle which features the Death star! You'll be able to watch the Death star get in range to destory a planet!...


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Wallpapers Star Wars: EAW – Wallpaper

This is a new wallpaper made by screenshots.


Screen Savers Rebel Screen Saver

Its like the first one i made except it has a rebel theme to it. The background music is the rebel ceromony song. the 10 pictures are defeat...


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Screen Savers EAW Screen Saver

This was made by one of our most active members, muller312. Download it and check it out because it'll be nice to have this on your comp ru...


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Wallpapers Spitfire's Wallpaper

This is my wallpaper which I decided to make when I was bored. I hope you enjoy it, cya! =)


Wallpapers EAW Gamewallpapers has released their own Empire at war wallpaper for fans to put on their desktops. You can check the image out below.


Wallpapers Official EaWFiles Wallpaper

This is EaWFiles Official wallpaper for Star Wars: Empire At War , check it out and show us your support! The Screenshot below is LOW Qua...