Empire Earth v1.0.4.0 to v2.0.0.0 Patch - English

The second and latest major official patch for Empire Earth.


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The second and latest major official patch for Empire Earth.

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Empire Earth Difficulty Setting and Multiplayer Lobby Add-On
September 19, 2002

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The Empire Earth Difficulty Setting and Multiplayer Lobby Add-On extracts two new features developed for the Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Expansion, and makes them available for owners of the original Empire Earth game.  These features are:

A) Single-Player Difficulty Setting
B) New Multiplayer Lobby

A) Single-Player Difficulty Setting
The original Empire Earth featured a selection on the Random Map screen for setting AI difficulty.  This difficulty setting has been enhanced to include variable amounts of damage caused by attackers, and has been extended to single-player scenarios and campaigns as well as random map games.  The difficulty setting combo now appears on the Campaign Selection screen as well as on the Random Map screen.  Settings are:

	Easy - Player inflicts more damage and takes less damage; also AI is weaker
	Medium - Player inflicts and takes standard damage, with standard AI difficulty
	Hard - Player inflicts less damage and takes more damage; also AI is tougher

You may set the difficulty in the Random Map Settings screen, on each Single Player Campaign screen, and in the Game Settings of the Multiplayer Lobby. The setting will be the same for all the AIs in the game, and changing the setting in one area will be reflected in the other areas.

Note that though the Play Saved Game screen and the Play Scenario screen do not have a difficulty settings option, the games played will use the current difficulty setting.

B) New Multiplayer Lobby
This Add-On features the new multiplayer lobby developed for Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Expansion.  It has an embedded help system - please see the Help tab within the game for instructions on its use.

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