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Published by Enemy1 13 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
OK, well I don't know whether this is the right place to talk about my own stuff, but I'll go for it anyhow. I'm not trying to show off or wahtever, just ask for a bit of help and show what I've got done so far. With all that being said, if a moderator thinks this isn't fitting for the news, then please remove it. First an introduction about my gaming self. I'm Slayer_2, keep that name in every game, and I'm a big QUake fan. Notice how I call it Quake Wars instead of Enemy Territory or ETQW:P Anyhow, pretty much I'm resposible for Quake 4 Weapons Realism Mod and Quake 4 Reborn with some ideas and a few textures from other Quake 4 modders, a big thanks to all of them. So, I recently released Quake 4 Reborn, a similar mod to Q4WRM with new menu's features, tweaks and whatnot. On to the real topic though, QWR. For those of you that are thinking it, this is not really similar to the other realism mod, as I'm going deeper into more intense realism. Quake Wars Reborn is the same idea as Quake 4 Reborn in that I'm aiming for a more gritty realism then Quake Wars came with. If you're a lucky owner of both Quake 4 and my Q4R mod, you'll notice that I tried to make a more tense atmosphere while attempting not to go overboard and create wreck the fun of Quake 4. So, I'll lay a nice list out for you of what I want to do for QWR. I've been running into this problem though. Pretty much third of the features I want can't be added thanks to it. The other third isn't done due to my lack of Quake Wars modding knowledge, but thats not really a huge problem. Here's how my problem happens. About 40% of the .def files cause my QW to hang with a white screen. Let me explain. Take one of the troublesome ones, the GPMG or Shotgun, or any of the item weapons such as smoke grenade, health pack, you name it. I put it UNMODIFIED in my .pk4 file I'm using, then start up QW. All's good until I load up my mod at which point it starts to load (leaves to the desktop for a second) then when the loading screen appears, it's pure white and nothing happens, I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get rid of it. I've tried waiting for about half an hour, but as I predicted, nothing happened. Not even an error message. Anyhow, if I can get around that and the learning curve for Quake Wars modding, V1 should be ready for your enjoyment. I may just release V1 as-is until I can get around these problems. Now, my promised "feature" list, "X" means done, "W" means WIP, "C" means too huge to do without a lot of consideration, "I" means incomplete due to that annoying bug and "-" means it's so big or complicated, it's on my to-do list for other versions: -Various weapon tweaks: clip sizes, ROF, damage, etc (X) -Vehicle tweaks for much more health and no decay and more realism (W) -Huge changes to Strogg weaponry to make them more like Quake 2/4 style, Nailgun is fully auto and such (X) -Class change's for the Strogg's, so all the classes are monsters from Quake 2/4, like the Berserker, Tactical, Light Guard, Light Commander and maybe even a Repair Drone (with weapons and kamikaze attack) (C) -Darker, grittier and tenser environment (-) -No regenerating tools anymore, for example: you start with three mines and after that, you'll need to get them through ammo crates or a Technician/Field Ops (C) -Removal of Strogg deployables, except the radar, in return for huge amounts of health (berserker gets 350, etc.) (C) So thats it, tell me what you think, if yo can offer me help with my problem, the please email me at: eotcrew AT gamil DOT com, Slayer_2 out.
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