Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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All Files In Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Mini-Mods
Mini-Mods Cody 64's Blood Mod

This is a well... "bloody" nice mod by Cody 64 which will add blood effects to Quake Wars Go check it out and see for yourself! T...


Mini-Mods Doom Wars

This is a neat mod which lets you play DOOM inside Enemy-Territory: Quake Wars.


Mini-Mods Terminal Quake 2

It's a mod that makes it possible to play Quake 2 from within Quake Wars, see readme/screenshots for more details. To test this mod Quake...


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Mini-Mods ETQW: Pro

ETQWPro (also known as Promod) Pure version, unchanged game of ETQW is also named vanilla. ETQWPro name developed from word professional,...