Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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Miscellaneous Quakewars Stats Page

This is a simple PHP script using simpleXML to create a image containing stats. It's using the XML files provided by SD.


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Miscellaneous IdTech4 File Unpacker

This little tool, useful for modders, is an automatic unpacker manager for games based on IdTech4 engine (also called Trinity) which support...


Miscellaneous Quake Wars Material Editor

This tool allows you to easily create simple materials for idtech4 games (doom3, quake4, prey, etqw, etc). You do not require doom 3 or a...


Miscellaneous ETQW Tweak Cvars

This is a small tweaker utility for the game Enemy Territory Quake Wars and ETQW Demo. How to use? Select a preset or set the cvars manu...