Arctic Assault

A GDF taskforce has landed on the south beach and must fight their way to the north side of the island, so they can open the databunker, ste...


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A GDF taskforce has landed on the south beach and must fight their way to the north side of the island, so they can open the databunker, steal the activation codes and transmit them.

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Download '' (43.54MB)

Attacking team: GDF

Primary objectives

1. Escort the MCP to the town checkpoint.
2. Escort the MCP to the outpost.
3. Hack the shield generator.
4. Transmit the data.

Secondary objectives

* Capture/liberate the South forward spawn.
* Build the town guard tower.
* Capture/liberate the North forward spawn.
* Build the assualt bridge - this will give GDF a trojan.
* Destroy the south barricade - this will give GDF a titan.
* Destroy the north barricade - this will give GDF a bumblebee.

Special features
* All spawns support 16 players
* Obsolete spawns will be disabled, so there will only be a front spawn, base spawn and eventual forward spawn active at the same time.
* Full scale Quakewars battle support, including flyers, boats, heavies and deployables.
* Deployspots plotted on territory layers, to speed up gametesting. Thanks to Donnovan for the idea.

Play Information

Game Modes : Objective. Stopwatch. Campaign. No bot support yet.
Game time : 20 minutes
Number of players : 12 vs 12
Game Type : Map is intended for public fun and LAN play.

Technical details

Created with EditWorld, Blender, Earth Sculptor, World Machine 2, Meshlabs, Photoshop, Gimp, Notepad2
Most brushwork, models and sounds copied from ETQW SDK, created by SplashDamage.
Most brushwork and models included as references, with LOD support.
Terrain model sculpted in Earthsculptor, naturalized by WM2, optimized from 2 mill tris to 40k tris by Meshlab, and final polished in Blender.


Unzip mapfile and place the .pk4 in the ETQW base/ folder.

Unzip megafile and place the .mega in the ETQW base/megatextures folder.

To run on server, add this to server config: spawnserver maps/arcis


idSoftware -
SplashDamage -

Most included game assets is owned and copyrighted by ID Software.

Special thanks
* to shirosae for help with terrain model and advanced model/megatexture issues.
* to hozz, Keny.U.Bastard, shirosae, ZeBlob, blackflak, Whiteaden, AgeAzz, Natural Causes for intensive playtesting and feedback on bugs and game flaws.
* to everyone else at the ETQW forums for feedback, suggestions, inspiration, bug reports and general help.
* to SD developers for hanging around and helping mappers with advice and technical problems.
* to hannes and the ETQWPro team for providing support for custom content with ETQWPro.
* to all server admins hosting custom maps on their servers.
* to all players at the Sunday Night Nirvana (and other custom servers) for keeping the custom scene alive and kicking.

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