ETQWPro (also known as Promod) Pure version, unchanged game of ETQW is also named vanilla. ETQWPro name developed from word professional,...


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ETQWPro (also known as Promod) Pure version, unchanged game of ETQW is also named vanilla. ETQWPro name developed from word professional, as a notation that it is adjusted for people playing in clans and ladders, where demands a bit different than in vanilla. Promod if disabled from pro cvar settings behaves as vanilla with restrictions if needed.

=Gameplay= Limits in movement - usually disabled shooting during leaning, pronign can be disabled. Faster gibbing of unconscious players with knife. Adjustable aim style: * vanilla spread * etqwpro spread (default) - less spread of weapons like Assault Rifle, Lacerator - in that way the randomness of getting head shots is decreased and aim counts more.

Faster spawn creations and reviving unconscious teammates in Strogg team, makes game faster. Shooting from vehicles in third person can be adjusted. Limitations due to nature of game play in low player number - usually etqwpro is played 6on6 or 4on4, while vannilla is balanced for 12on12 players. * Vehicle limitation per team - usually flying vehicles are removed cause they are becoming overpowered. Additionally here are limits on last objective - in example that disabes titan on last obj on Area22. There are also limits for light and medium vehicles. * Deployables limitation - number of turrets per team, mines, radar. Gameplay is usually without radar or spy camera and flying drones. This causes that some maps are adjusted to this, like there is a short version of Volcano, where you play on 2 objectives and not 3. Supply crates can be adjusted aswell, like grenades, to avoid grenade spam on some maps. * Class limitation. Limit is for heavy weapons like hyperblaster or rocket, covert ops or field ops. Limitation to the number of artillery support.

=Client adjustments= Removed scope blur effect for Strogg Ability to disable certain video details to increase performance and visibility (no snow, low quality sky) Adjustments for easier player class and spawn point selection, to use them on binds - sometimes time is crucial, so instead of digging in limbo menu, you press desired key and you are ready Adjustable hit sounds for head shots Configurable timers for countdowns for certain actions - some players like countdowns for certain events Disable tracers in weapons

=Matches= Match control such as: read/unready readyteam pause, unpause game by admin. Limiting spectators Automatic demo recording and end map screen shot taking with results More convenient demo naming Team locking

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Download '' (8.87MB)

 ETQWPro competition mod for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Version:  0.5
Date:     14.04.2008


| Credits |
Project leader
  Cornel "SpaceCommander" Kundt

  Hannes 'hannes' Anders
  Scott 'Blaze' Brooks

ETQWPro Website & Other support:
  Alexander 'taken' Asboell
  Carsten 'x-ray' Hesse
  Konrad 'sama' Ambroziewicz
  _KaszpiR_ for the wiki
  Team SL and esp. Urtier for testing
  chris for the work and help on maps
  reyalP for some awesome pie

| Introduction |
This mod enhances the competitive side of ETQW, allowing for customization and
tweaking towards a more skill based gameplay. It's aim is to help both - admins
and players - in the competitive arena and we hope you enjoy it and find its
functions useful.

| Installation |
Unzip the etqwpro-<version>.zip in the root etqw directory, with
folders enabled. You should have a newly created directory named

The promod003.pk4 can be modified. You can replace the sound files by your own ones.

| Starting (Server and Client) |
Start the game with the following commandline:
etqw.exe +set fs_game etqwpro
etqwded.x86 +set fs_game etqwpro

Or choose the mod in the ingames's mod menu!

| Features |
- New commands, have a look at commands.txt
- Aliases for commands to make it easier for players that played other
  games before
- New server cvars to restrict the gameplay, have a look at commands.txt
- Class selecting command class <classid> <weaponid>
- Fixed glitches when trying to enter a vehicle
- Automatic demo recording and screenshot creating of endscore
- Louder hit sounds
- Visual tuning commands, like the possibility to disable muzzle flash
- Fireteam includes more information like health and class changes
- Pause working for players now too

| Gameplay changes |
- Weapon spread decreased
- Spawn protection for spawning in spawnhosts is decreased to 1.5s
- Stroyent tool is now slightly faster to use
- Supply crates no longer supply grenades
- Removed radar of mcp and third eye cam

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