Quake Wars Tactical Assault Mod

QWTA is a straightforward mod in intention; it's intended to tweak the core gameplay aspects of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, to create a mor...

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File Description

QWTA is a straightforward mod in intention; it's intended to tweak the core gameplay aspects of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, to create a more believable, more realistic experience, that plays more like a serious science fiction movie, than an arcade game.

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Quake Wars: Tactical Assault

1. About
2. Features
3. Installation
4. Credits

1. About
QWTA takes a lot of its gameplay inspiration from a few random(I'm afraid I
don't recall the names.) realism mods that have popped up for the
Call of Duty series of games, and the goal is to get something as an
end-result that plays similarly to those, but in the futuristic setting of
the Earth-Stroggos war.

At present, QWTA is designed to function with any base ETQW map, without a
hitch, and it's hoped that this will continue to be the case through QWTA's
development: while QWTA would certainly welcome QWTA-intended maps, they're
not something that's felt should be required.

As a player, the preview video footage that was released before ETQW itself
was released, spoke to me of a gritty, tactical, bloody sort of game,
involving a lot of thinking and strategy, rather than the run-and-gun-fest
that the released version of base ETQW is. To that end, QWTA tries to stay
true to the perceived feeling behind some of that original footage, and the
impression it had on a lot of people.

2. Features
This is merely a very early release of QWTA. A lot more is planned for
the future, as creating this mod is an ongoing process. So far,
the main features(summarized at the most basic) include:

* Strafejumping eliminated.
* Head and neck hit locations' damage multipliers increased slightly.
* Unscoped/unironsighted weapon spreads increased(accuracy decreased).
* Weapon damages against players increased.
* Weapon damages against vehicles and deployables decreased.
* Player respawn times increased.
* Vehicle respawn times increased.

3. Installation
First off, you'll want to unzip the QWTA release zip file into your
ETQW folder. You should end up with a /qwta/ folder alongside your /base/
folder, inside your ETQW folder.

Next up, you'll want to just double click the qwta.bat file that resides
inside the qwta folder, to start ETQW with the QWTA mod running.

Finally, find yourself a server that's running QWTA, and give things a try. :)

4. Credits
- Hi, this is me. Programmer, scripter, mod-founder, readme-writer, whatever.
- Some of the Splash Damage folks who hang around on IRC and the community
- forums where they've been gracious enough to put up with newbie questions
- from me.

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