F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) is an award-winning first-person shooter featuring an intense combat experience with a rich atmosphere and an engaging story. F.E.A.R. immerses you in a unique...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
F.E.A.R The Movie Dangerous Bob 193.2MB 39
F.E.A.R Movie Trailer - live action Dangerous Bob 10.58MB 60
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Single Player Demo Monolith Studios 1.75GB 384
X-Mouse Button Control 64bit (x64) Version Highrez 1.19MB 52
X-Mouse Button Control 32bit (x86) Version Highrez 1.42MB 78
Quake Mod VMan 55.34MB 124
clonesNguns Remix obXI 74.81MB 54
[LION]s offices cuggles26 956KB 194
Rapid-Fire GoodKat 473KB 350
Avengers-Complex Beta2 [ALC]Avenger 23.92MB 179
F.E.A.R. ServerShield Sinew 3.78MB 432
Space Pirates Windebieste 5.35MB 662
copy of kill chadmax 6.98MB 685
Space Pirates Windebieste 509KB 250
Lobo's Room Lobotomy 37.01MB 561
Angus weapon sounds angusheaf 6.13MB 1303
Petra markFreak 7.18MB 604
DD-Extinction Death Dream 1.36MB 509
DD-Devastation Death Dream 3.48MB 599
DD-Determination Death Dream 5.36MB 626
Bastard Mod Vman Layer The_One 288.14MB 4597
Insignia Tutorial Hellbinder 139KB 745
Room of Doom JumpyMonky 122KB 458
Sector YT-26 YummyInMyTummy 7.84MB 631
Area Y-71 YummyInMyTummy 4.9MB 617
Dead Wood End 3000 aSubReeze 2.52MB 571
Hamunaptra YummyInMyTummy 5.35MB 702
Tempus YummyInMyTummy 2.86MB 364
FatalX aSubReeze 421KB 581
Junk Yard YummyInMyTummy 2.2MB 986
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Single Player Demo TimeGate Studios 734.82MB 1993
DD-Sensation Death Dream 6.14MB 663
Inoj kirilltch 4.13MB 4258
Dance Or Die Shaun Rose 16.72MB 1009
Bushwacker Shaun Rose 23.92MB 871
Grid Ransom 16.81MB 714
Masada Sequel Video VMan 15.25MB 264
FEAR Files Trailer (HD) Monolith Studios 285.79MB 428
FEAR Perseus Mandate Trailer Monolith Studios 14.75MB 576
Grid Ransom 28.38MB 325
{GPK}TechRoom {GPK}AdamBomb 35.61MB 549
Kirby Plaza Marechal 13.62MB 910
Silo Marechal 2.01MB 842
Temple Marechal 1.38MB 772
Mosuga Marechal 356KB 559
Blue Replica REPLICA 359KB 917
Infested VMan 37.42MB 706
Freeway Rundown WIP Video Layer 10.04MB 413
F.E.A.R. Logon xxxgamer 1010B 285
{GPK}TheLounge {GPK}AdamBomb 38.53MB 530