Console DLC in April

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The new DLC is heading to the consoles first will be released in April. For a few minutes or so the DLC was made public and shortly pulled down. This means that Monolith might have already finished the DLC, just Microsoft has to test it now. The DLC is called the Toy Soldiers Map Pack. If anyone has played any online games, chances are you know what to expect. You are a very small character inside a huge map made to make you seem like an ant/bug running around furiously not to get stepped on. [quote][b]FullTilt: [/b]Battle inside a retro 1970’s era pinball machine, “Snake Fist” style! Flippers, targets, spinners and pop-bumpers provide cover for the fast paced action. Multi-level playfield and authentic sounds set the mood for destruction! [b]Cockroach:[/b] A blood drenched hospital room filled with heart pounding action. Climb up electrical cords, laboratory equipment and pill bottles in a tightly connected environment. [b]Recess:[/b] Wage mayhem from the top of a giant sandcastle to the cockpit of a toy bulldozer! Go commando and blend in with plastic army men![/quote] No info has been released if this is going to be available to PC users yet. [b]Updated:[/b] Screenshots are now below

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