E3 with Three New Videos

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3 for Three ... Am I the only one that got that? E3 ... 3 Videos ... Oh nevermind chances are I am the only one that laughed at that anyways so I'll just move on.

It's been almost a week now since E3 and I just now stumbled across these videos. I'll explain very little about each video so I don't spoil it for anyone that wants to watch them.

The first video that was released intitled: Fear Alma Again is probably my favorite video out of all three released. It doesn't do much for explaining anything but it gives you some background of what the story might be like, most of you will recognize the name that is said at the start right off the bat (don't want to spoil anything). Expect lots of blood in this video as well. This video will also give you a peak into the voice acting which sounds really good! This is what I was waiting for and I'm sure all of you were too.

Then we have the second video titled: Action Trailer. This video seemed more like what you would expect to see for a TV commercial advertising the game. High impact explosions, some mech action, Alma attacking you very briefly, and so on. It's fun to watch but doesn't give much new info.

The last one is, Introducing the Remnant, shows us a new enemy that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. They go on to say how he is a puppet master and the name couldn't fit him better. Using dead bodies as puppets to do his work is a great idea, even the string that holds them.

Out of all the videos I would recommend watching Fear Alma Again right off the bat. If you were not a fan of this game, that video alone will make you one. Hopefully everyone finished the first F.E.A.R. game because this game is picking up right where it left off at!

Check out all the videos at: http://www.projectorigincommunity.com/media

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