F.E.A.R. 2 Demo Coming Soon!

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...January 22nd ...

That soon, we've waited a long time for the demo and to know its right around the corner is exciting! I've heard nothing as to if this is the single player or multiplayer demo but I'm guessing its going to be the single player since they said it will touch on several locations. Most of us played the F.E.A.R. SP demo from the first game and it took several chunks from different levels and put it into the demo; I would expect them to do the same thing here.

PC Users can get the Demo at WhatIsFear.com Xbox360 users will get it through the marketplace PS3 users have to purchase this month's episode of Qore to get it.

PC users got it good without having to pay a dime for a demo, which is how I think it should be anyways. Makes me happy I'm a PC owner my self.

The game is still scheduled for release on February 10th.

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