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Today I am here with Vman as we talk about the up coming Masada expansion map. Death Dream: Hello Vman, how are you? Vman: Fine I guess, you know the routine, work,work,work, try to find time to play, but all in all I'm doing great. DD: Yeah work sucks lol, Now for all the gamers that don't know who you are could you explain some of the things that you have done for the F.E.A.R. community? V: Well as far as the F.E.A.R. community i have made several multiplayer maps as well as the first single player map (Operation Masada). And I have been Working on an upcoming Expansion that follows the Masada storyline. DD: For the gamers that have yet to play Operation Masada what would you say to them to convince them to download your map? V: Well first of all for a change why not play it lol. I must admit though it was an early attempt, and most of the information to do the stuff was limited at the time, but I think it was a good effort and worth the download. It has a story all its own, and besides when the expansion comes out you might not understand everything thats going on. DD: Could you give us a run down on what the story line behind Operation Masada without spoiling anything for the gamers that have yet to play your map? V: Basically this story (Op Masada) takes place somewhere after all the Alma and Fettell story is supposed to be over. But for some reason he has shown back up, and of course is causing a mess at the weapons research facility Masada. Your job is to get in, wipe out resistance, and save any one who might still be alive. DD: So where does this Expansion put up at? Can we expect to to pick up right where it left off at or are we going to see something totally different? V: Well, the expansion picks up immediately after the Masada incident. The story takes some severe turns almost immediately. The Intro is about 10 minutes long and starts the explanations. lol DD: Ten minutes? Wow thats pretty impressive for a custom map. Is there anything about the story line for the expansion you can share with us? V: Yeah the 10 min Intro is basically a Cinematic Ride into whats going on. As far as the story goes, let's just say those who know me know and my love of Video Games, you should see that all through this campaign. But the few things I can say is this: Players will notice a complete rip away from the F.E.A.R. universe. I really wish I could tell you more. But its a surprise lol. DD: Understandable. So how whats the progress of the map, percent wise? V: Well first off, it's not just one map, its several. 15 single player maps so far, with an expected 20 upon completion. around 5 MP maps will be included also. As well as a COOP map that actually fits into the storyline from another perspective from the Single Player. DD: 20 maps? Are you the only person working on these maps? V: Yes, I have been for quite some time. DD: Are you looking to recruit members to help along on this project or do you have plans on keeping this a one man team? V: This has been a labor of mine for quite some time. I had thought about bringing in others to help, but given the nature of this beast and the vision i have for it, I will continue on my own. DD: Any last words you would like to add before we conclude this interview? V: I would like to say to everyone out there that has commented on my work, good and bad, thank you. I make these maps for fun, and I hope you continue having fun playing them. DD: Thanks for your time Vman. V: Hey no problem, Its been a pleasure. Download some of Vman's work below: Masada VMan Damnation VMan Sewer Rats VMan's Quake 1 Remakes Out Post 8 Vman Pain

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