Masada Sequel Planned!

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For any of those that have played one of the few single player maps available for F.E.A.R. called Masada then your in luck. Vman, the creator of Masada, has plans on releasing a sequel that looks twice as impressive as the first version was. Many people have their eyes watching progress on this map and how it's coming along. Vman has up held his end by posting many screenshots to keep us entertained till the released of the sequel. Here's what Vman had to say: [quote]Have been busy for quite some time to the sequel to Operation Masada, so much so that it has turned into an expansion for F.E.A.R. that i hope to have completed and released in the next few months. Im not spillin nothing on the story let's just say it'll be interesting Wink Anyways here are some screenies..........[/quote] Also if you haven't downloaded and played Masada then head over and [url=";76046"]download now[/url]!
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