No Server Files with patch 1.02

14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Yurei just posted in the Project Origin forums that there are no plans for Server Files in the upcoming 1.02 patch. This is a big disappointment to the PC community, including my self, that this was not addressed first. [b][i]Yurei Said:[/i][/b] [quote]Server Files and Anti-Cheat are not going to be included in the patch that we are currently working on. The contents of the current patch are located [url="http://fear.filefront.com/news/Patch_102_Announced;41579"]in this announcement[/url] Once we have finished working on this patch, we will re-evaluate what will be included in further patches. Best, Yurei[/quote] This is a surprise to a lot of us, but not to some, as this is a big issue and could cause the community of F.E.A.R. 2 to die of quickly with no dedicated server support. Forum users are already saying their farewells with this news. This is a bad hit to Monoliths reputation they had with the PC community they built up with prior games they've done so well with. Major disappointment, lets just hope they can release server files after Patch 1.02 quickly enough... Please post your thoughts below.

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