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N1warhead, Hello FEAR fans. i have been working alone on a Total Convertion for some time now for C&C Renengade called " Terminator | A new fate. " but i soon realised that engine is way too old and i need to get something up to date, and i now Chose Fears Engine. you can view the web site at www.anewfate.com or find it on www.moddb.com which ever u prefer.. Below is a BIO of the game. Single Player Game-Play - Through out the hole game you will be playing as Tech-com Soldiers ( Kyle Reese, John Connor, Soldiers, Perry. maybe more. ) Will more inlikely add a few Missions with Terminators . . . . . You will have to vash your self through the Concrete City of 2027 AD Los Angeles, and make your way back to John Connor on the other side of the city fighting Skynets Battalion's. While going on a Mission with John Connor and your Commanding Officers, you must stop Skynet from sending a Terminator back in time to 1984, but if you cant, you must go back to stop him. You will be Challenged to go in the middle of Combat Against the most powerful Machines ever built. While going through all kinds of Environments, Abandoned Subway stations, Skynet's Computing core, The Concrete City, Sewers, ETC. ----------------------Multi Player Game-Play----------------------------- How would you play this game online you ask ? Simple Question - While playing as ( Tech-com ) you will be forced to use your Environments through out your Vast City Environment, ( Debree, Craters, Guard posts, Abandoned Tunnels, Shelter Areas, buildings, ETC, but also going by having two bases do to not being as strong as ( Skynet ) and will make it more Terminator like, you will have to keep Radio Communications on at all times. You will have your ( Power Supply ) ( Your Armory ) and your Training Facility>> ( AKA Barracks. ) and Ur ( Disposal Units ) ( Gives you Credits ) . Each one of those will be at a different base u got, and there are 2 bases for ( Tech-com ) ( Tech-Com ) Base Defenses will be Turret guns INCLUDEING " METAL STORM " ( Keep in mind Turret guns are the most Deadly weapons we got. so they kick in a power punch ) ( Tech-Com Vehicles ) For the Vehicles, Techcom will have Spawning Vehicles around the maps Vast Environment, like ( Old trucks with Turrets on them ) and more. ( Skynet ) While playing as ( Skynet ) you will be able to use your environment as you would like you do a ( Tech-com ) Soldier accept you got more Capabilities the reason why ( Infiltrators ) Infiltrators are the most deadliest of all the Machines, the reason being It exactly mimics a Humans Appearance ( Sweat, Bad breath ) unless its the 600 Series then you have Rubber Skin. ( Skynet Bases ) Skynet will have 1 base do to its Strength on the Battlefield and Base Defenses. Skynets base will Remain on top of the ground, while ( Tech-com's ) bases vary from Underground and in Buildings. Skynet's Power supply will be a Cold Fusion Reactor Skynet's Weapons Factory will be a Automation Factory Skynet's Unit factory will also be Automation Factories Skynets's Scrap Factory ( gives Credits ) ( Skynet's Vehicles ) Skynet will Conceive every type of HK (Hunter Killer,) Hk Recon, Hk Ground ( Assault ), ETC and all the other Machines off " Dawn of fate " and " Rise of the Machines." Prepair for the game of a lifetime. IMPORTANT READ BELOW OHHH and the pics are the Models of the Old Engine i was useing. i will be Updateing them for the Fear Engine. Prepair for the game of a lifetime. N1warhead

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