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Tom's Games (Tom's Hardware) got a chance to sit down with John O'Rorke who is the Engine Architect for F.E.A.R. 2. The interview holds a lot of information on how they are making the game for console and PC at the same time and some things about how the engine works.

TG: As far as Alma is concerned what kind of changes have there been? I know that she's supposed to be older and more interactive this time. We were told that Alma can touch you now. How is she going to be different from the first game?

O'RORKE: A lot of that is going to come back to design and those kinds of aspects, which I definitely don't feel too comfortable talking about. But in terms of communicating that to the player we wanted to come up with a lot of new effects and give Alma a more ominous presence; make her more of a tyrant of the world rather than just kind of flashing in and have her presence actually spread on the world. So we did a lot of prototyping with new shaders and overlays and other types of effects and techniques in order to give Alma a really ominous and tangible feel in a unique way for players.

For the full interview head over to Tom's Games and check it out.

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